How to make a successful operations manager CV

And when it comes to applying for a senior management position in a company, such as the position of operations manager, there are many things to consider in order to stand out positively from applicants with your CV and have a better chance of landing the job.

If you are reading these lines today it is because you want to stand out to get the job, but you do not know how to achieve it; So, without further ado, let’s start writing step by step your Operations Manager CV with examples that will be your guide and inspiration. ✔

Example of an operations manager resume

Raquel V. Subero G.
Madrid Spain
+34 000 00 00 00
[email protected]
LinkedIn: /raqueloperations manager/
Instagram: @raquelgerentedeoperaciones

Professional profile
Operations manager with 10 years of experience in the coordination, management and daily supervision of the operational area of ​​a company, with skills in resource management, process evaluation and development, budgeting, performance report writing, quality control and cost reduction. Recently, I worked at Involve HR, where I increased production capacity by 35%, while reducing costs and optimizing quality levels, all this during the period 2020 – 2021.

Work experience
Director of operations
Involves HR
Madrid Spain
April 2016 – May 2023

I led a team of 25 workers.
I evaluated the operational processes of the company, optimizing 65% in order to improve the achievement of the objectives, since the goals were not being reached.
I directed and supervised the daily operations, making reports of results at the end of the day, which I discussed in the monthly executive meetings.
I supervised and reviewed the company’s KPIs, especially in the operational area, proposing new strategies to improve these indicators.
I directed and supervised the operational projects, preparing the corresponding budgets and respecting an optimal distribution of resources.
I designed and implemented a quality control system that improved final products while also reducing manufacturing costs.

outstanding achievements: Increased production capacity by 35%, which also increased company revenue by 15% in a single period. During the process, I reduced manufacturing costs and improved quality levels, all in 2020 – 2021.

Operations supervisor
Vertex Bioenergy, SL
Madrid Spain
February 2012 – February 2016

I coordinated and supervised the work of more than 10 operators.
I applied policies and operating procedures in favor of compliance with the regulations.
I supervised the daily operations of the company, reporting them to the operations manager through daily, weekly and monthly forms.
Assisted the operations manager in executive meetings, supporting him in explaining the department’s monthly and quarterly results.
I programmed, coordinated and supervised the preventive maintenance of the equipment.

outstanding achievements: I was recognized by the operations manager, on several occasions, as the employee of the month for my great performance in the operational area of ​​the company.

Professional academic training
Master in Operations Management
European University
September 2014 – September 2015.

Degree in Business Administration and Management
Complutense University of Madrid
September 2007 – June 2011.


Operational management.
Resource management.
Project management.
Financial planning.
Decision making.
Assertive communication.


Spanish – maternal level.
English (C1) – intermediate level.

Administrative Course in Logistics
Atrium Group
May 2022 – September 2022.

SAP Logistics & Materials Consultant Course
DOP – Distribution Public Oppositions SL
January 2018 – August 2018.

Superior Course of Operations Management
IFC Training
January 2015 – September 2015.

Operations Management Course
Euroinnova International Online Education
June 2012 – October 2012.

💡 Important: This operations manager resume template is a good example that you can use as a guide to write your own CV; however, as you progress through this article you will see individual examples and recommendations for writing each section correctly.

Basic guidelines for writing an operations manager CV

To warm up the topic of this guide, let’s break the ice with basic guidelines that will be your guideline when writing and designing your CV, so take note of the following 👇:

writing tips

Always make a personalized CV that responds to a single job offer. Sell ​​yourself as an end-to-end operations management expert. Mention only personal data that is essential for the job. Write in a simple and professional language, with a positive and forceful tone. Highlight the qualitative data of your experiences with quantitative results. Use as many keywords as you can in the experiences and skills. Start the sections, whenever you can, with action verbs. Strategically choose the best resume format for your profile. Order the sections taking into account the CV format you have chosen. It includes relevant sections that complement the basic sections. Read the CV carefully to verify the writing.

design tips

Choose a design appropriate for senior management (formal and traditional). Keep your resume to one or two pages, don’t make it longer. Choose a classic and simple font, you can combine up to two styles. Use number lists, bullet points, and other resources to avoid cluttering the text. Identify titles with CV-appropriate icons and boldface. Better in PDF than in Word to save your CV.

The best formats for an operations manager CV

Depending on your professional career as an operations manager, the best resume format for you may not be the same for other professionals, because each one aims to highlight a particular aspectfor example 👇:

Classic Chronological Resume: If you’ve built a great career as an operations manager, characterized by many work experiences that have led you up the ranks, this is the perfect style for you, if you want to showcase your professional evolution from the very beginning until the most recent. Reverse chronological resume: if you just started your career as an operations manager, so you don’t have as much experience in this type of position, this is the perfect style for you, if you want to put more emphasis on your recent experiences, without leaving aside your first experiences in similar positions. Mixed resume: if you consider that you have very outstanding knowledge and skills in operations management, as well as outstanding work experiences, and you want to highlight this information, this is the best style for you, because it prioritizes the description of your best skills without discarding the experiences in the sector.

As you see, It’s not like there’s one best type of resume for everyone. is that the one that fits your profile, perhaps, does not fit that of other professionals, is valid.

Now, if you prefer to play it safe, the reverse chronological CV will always be a successful format, in fact, it is the most used currently, the one preferred by recruiters; but you already know that it is not the only one or the one that you have to use compulsorily.

The distribution of sections in each type of structure

Taking into account what was said in the previous section, that each curriculum format organizes the sections in a certain way, the most ideal thing is that you familiarize yourself with the corresponding structure before starting to write and organize your CV.


On the one hand, resumes in chronological style (the classic and the reverse) share the same structure, the only difference is that one gives relevance to old experiences, while the other prioritizes more recent experiences. Its structure is the following 👇:

Header. Career summary as an operations manager. Work experiences with relevant achievements in operations management. Professional academic training. Outstanding skills as an operations manager.

On the other hand, the mixed curriculum It has a more flexible structure, giving you freedom to order the sections as you wish, prioritizing the information that you think is most convenient; even so, this is the traditional structure that you can use as a guide 👇:

Header. Career summary as an operations manager. Description of your main professional skills as an operations manager. Work experiences with relevant achievements in operations management. Vocational training.

While these are the core core sections, you can also add others that reinforce your applicationsuch as 👇:

Languages. Complementary training (practical workshops or courses, for example). Publications (digital or printed). Labor references. Professional recognitions. Other data of interest.

Although in this practical guide we will not delve into all these complementary sections, we do explain how to write the most common ones.

💡 Now yes, we are going to put all the previous recommendations into practice.

Briefly mention your basic personal data

In this section there is not much to say, it is one of the shortest and simplest sections of a Curriculum vitae; because the employer, at this point, want to know who the applicant is and how you can contact him, in case you want to ask him for an interview, for example.

So it is enough that you include the following basic personal data 👇:

Name and surname. Profession or professional specialization as operations manager. Personal residence address. Personal phone number. Professional email.

This is the essential information What should you give to the recruiter? Optionally, you can also include other data, such as your website or professional portfolio, as well as your social profiles (LinkedIn and Instagram, for example); but they are not usually mandatory data.

Look at this header 👇:


Jose A. Montiel S.
Madrid Spain
+34 000 00 00 00
[email protected]
LinkedIn: /josemontieloperaciones/
Instagram: @josemontieloperaciones

And this is the most convenient header type for a resume, because it offers the fair and relevant information that the employer needs to know as soon as he takes the CV.

Whereas, the following type of header could be counterproductive 👇:


Jose A. Montiel S.
Madrid Spain
ID: 00000000F
37 years old

In this example you can see two common mistakes. In the first place, there is a lack of information that the contracting party expects to read in this section, such as the professional title and contact information; and, secondly, information that is not usually required has been included, on the contrary, it could harm your application due to possible prejudices. Stick to the basics.

Synthesize your professional summary as an operations manager

After the basics…