Working in a supermarket: what should you take into account?

Supermarkets are one of the main sources of employment at the national level, since they are companies where personnel are always required. Day after day there are thousands of people who go to these establishments, and for this reason more and more professionals are needed with skills in customer service.

However, work in a supermarket It does not only cover accommodating shelves or collecting products. You will also get numerous opportunities if you are an expert with an established university degree and years of experience.

Either way, the important thing is that you have the right profile to be part of a supermarket staff. There are small establishments, other larger ones and some even with international recognition.

Right now we will explain everything you need to do to join the company that you like the most.

How much do you earn in a supermarket?

If you are a recent graduate or looking for your first job, the first thing you want to know is how much money will you earn in a supermarket . Well, there are different figures, depending on the company and the position you aspire to. It is estimated that the average salary is about 1,000 euros per month (Business Insider) for base workers.

Other interesting figures regarding the payment of supermarkets are the following:👇

Mercadona pays its workers around 💰1,328 euros per month, and experienced staff 💰1,762 euros. Lidl employees receive a minimum of 💰1,090 euros, and administrative positions can earn up to 💰19,000 euros gross per year. Working at El Corte Inglés means earning 💰1,000 round euros. If working at Carrefour catches your eye, you can earn 💰1,200 euros as a dependent and 💰1,500 euros in office positions. Most supermarkets give bonuses for night shifts, which include increases ranging from 10% to 22% of salary.

Speaking of managerial and professional positions with high-ranking jobs, salaries can go up to 30,000, 40,000 and 50,000 euros gross per year, depending on the supermarket and the responsibilities.

Other data of interest

In Spain there are more than 22,000 supermarkets distributed nationwide, as indicated by Statista. In view of the high number of establishments in the country, it becomes one of the best places to look for a job, since there are almost always vacancies available.

On the other hand, the demand for employees changes according to the needs of the company. For example, if you want to send your CV to Mercadona, you should know that it is a supermarket with almost 100,000 employees, and therefore, although they do hire, they are much more selective with the staff.

In contrast, in smaller companies, such as Supercor, which barely exceeds 4,000 employees, you will have many more possibilities, even without experience.

How to get a job in a supermarket

Despite the fact that you will come across thousands of supermarkets in Spain, the truth is that the procedure to apply is similar in all of them. You can try the following alternatives:👇

Face-to-face application. Going CV in hand to a supermarket is the classic method and one of the best results, especially if you have no experience. This way the recruiter will see your motivation and commitment to the company and it is likely that he will give you the opportunity.
employment channels. There are different internet pages where open vacancies are applied for, such as Infojobs. It is a good idea to take a look to see what the current demand is. And of course, it does not hurt to search on Google.
Social networks. Above all, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the LinkedIn profiles of the supermarkets of your interest. LinkedIn is a specific social network for professionals and in which you will find many job offers.
From your website. Many companies have opened a portal where candidates can apply.

📌tips: if the company requests the candidacy via email, see our tips for writing an email to send your CV. This way, you will be able to apply as a top-notch professional.

What do you need to work in a supermarket?

Finding a job in a supermarket is not as simple as buying a product, where you choose what you want and in the quantity you prefer. Keep in mind that in the personnel selection process, not all candidates are taken into account, but those who really bring benefits to the company .

If you want to apply in the best way, you need the following:

An updated resume

You cannot apply without a Curriculum vitae, since it is one of the documents requested by human resources. Whether you go to their offices or use a job search portal, the CV will always be within the requirements.

This document explains what your professional background, educational background and skills that will make you a good employee. Strive to write it accurately and briefly to make a good first impression.

🎁Extra: visit our resume templates section to download one that suits your profile. We have functional, reverse chronological and mixed models, each designed to highlight your most important attributes.

A presentation card

Normally it is not a mandatory document, and for this reason many candidates do not even include it in their application. However, for us it is an essential resource because it allows you to enhance your profile. Your resume should be only one page long, so you may feel like a bit of information is missing.

This is where the cover letter comes into play, as it will help you deepen your career, training and skills. It’s also a good idea to include some career aspirations to show you’re more motivated.

An offer of employment

After having your resume and cover letter ready, you have to find a job offer that suits your needs and for which you fill out the profile. After this, all that remains is for you to submit your candidacy using any of the methods described above.

What are the requirements to work in a supermarket?

We cannot give you a specific list of requirements to get a job in a supermarket . Each one is different and the position you aspire to also comes into play. Come on, being a cashier is not the same as being in charge of business accounting.

Even so, if we refer to basic and simple positions, most companies agree on the following requirements:

Compulsory secondary education. Be of legal working age.

For higher-ranking positions, the requirements could be as follows:

College career. Proven experience. Specific skills. Certifications.

💡Remember: You can find out the specific requirements in the publication of the job offer or on the company’s website. Do not forget to visit their social networks, where the parameters to be met are also explained.

What is valued to work in a supermarket?

Beyond the technical requirements, you must also strive to be an attractive candidate, and for this the profile is essential. These are the most sought after qualities to work in a supermarket:

Dynamism and proactivity. Motivation and enthusiasm. Teamwork. Stress domain. Ability to work under pressure. Responsibility and punctuality. Empathy.

Needless to say, you need to have customer service skills and people skills, two essential traits for most jobs.

What jobs are available in a supermarket chain?

Supermarkets are companies that require personnel in practically all sectors. It is true, customer service is the most demanded field, but professionals are also sought in:

Administration and accounting. Development and maintenance of web pages. Creation of applications. QA. Chemical and industrial engineering. Vigilance and security. Freight transport. Human Resources. Digital marketing.

In any case, these positions of greater weight are usually less frequent, being the jobs of customer service in which you will see more open vacancies.

How to work as a stocker in a supermarket?

You must be an organized and applied person, since your function will be update and display supermarket items and their prices. You will have the task of keeping everything clean and neat, going to and from the warehouse and serving customers.

Working as a stocker is one of the most interesting options for those looking for their first job, since experience is not normally required. In addition, it is a simple job for which no special skills are required.

What do I have to do to work in a supermarket as a clerk?

First of all, create your salesperson resume to explain to the recruiter why your profile is ideal. Also, you should polish your customer service skills and being an adaptable person. It is possible that you have rotating positions and that you must work in a greengrocer, butcher shop, fishmonger, among others.

And do not forget to familiarize yourself with the products, as customers will have to be advised when making the choice.

How to be a cashier in a supermarket?

Although it is a relatively simple job, it is usual to request At least one year customer service experience . It can be purchased at another company or within the same supermarket and increase over time.

Being a cashier or cashier encompasses much more than just scanning items or saying their prices. You have to empathize with customers, make sure that the accounts balance when closing the box and it is recommended that you have Knowledge of office software.

How to send your resume to a supermarket

After analyzing the requirements and your profile, the definitive moment arrives to obtain a job: send your CV to a supermarket. It does not matter if you want to work at Aldi, Carrefour or Mercadona, yes or yes you must present your CV.

As you already know, you can resort to the face-to-face method and go with your resume in hand, a method for which there is not much to explain. You just have to go well dressed, well combed, with a kind smile and ask to speak to the store manager.

But it is much easier and faster to apply online. And although each supermarket is different, the steps to follow to send your CV they are more or less the same.

Right now we present a tutorial that will be useful to you.

Open the company website

Suppose you want to work at DIA or at El Corte Inglés. The first thing you should do is open the supermarket website and Familiarize yourself with what the company offers. Recruiters like it when you study their company, because it shows more commitment to your next job.

So, locate the section About us, which is present on the websites of all supermarkets. There you can learn more about the establishment, its privacy policy…