What is unwanted pregnancy

Unwanted pregnancy refers to unplanned and unexpected pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy is one that occurs at inopportune, unfavorable times or against the desire for reproduction.

Unwanted pregnancy is closely related to the reproductive expectations of each culture, ideology, social group and historical context.

After the second half of the 20th century, enough contraceptive methods are known to choose the moment to start reproduction, the number of children to have and the space between each pregnancy.

Despite modern contraception, unwanted pregnancy remains a problem due to the following situations:

Use of methods of limited effectiveness, such as rhythm or interrupted intercourse. Existence of sexual relations that are neither voluntary nor desired. Poor knowledge of the use of contraceptive methods. Poor advice in relation to contraceptive methods and family planning.

Causes of an unwanted pregnancy

The causes of an unwanted pregnancy generally lie in the lack of adequate sexual education and low coverage in the provision of contraceptive methods in risk groups.

Consequences of an unwanted pregnancy

The consequences that an unwanted pregnancy can bring depend on the psychological care of the pregnant person. The support of family and friends in these cases is essential.

Due to the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, women access clandestine centers for induced abortions that can have tragic consequences.

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