What is love at a distance?

Distance love is feeling of affection that exists between two peoplealthough they are found geographically separated.

Love is a feeling that is based on affection, respect, loyalty, commitment, honesty, understanding and mutual appreciation between two people.

For love to arise there are no formulas. Love is a free feeling, which does not respect physical or mental barriers.

It does not stop at differences (age, skin color, religion, social class, sex), and it cannot be conditioned by geographical distances either.

Thus, long-distance love occurs when the people involved in a relationship They do not live in the same city, country or continent. For different reasons, they cannot see each other frequently in person, but rather a few times a month or a year.

Nowadays, with new information and communication technologies, love at a distance has possibilities that were unthinkable years ago.

The Internet, social networks, instant messaging platforms, videoconferencing are tools that allow you to maintain contact, no matter where you are.

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Distance does not have to be, however, a permanent circumstance; It could be something temporary. One of the two finds it necessary to live somewhere else for work or study reasons for a defined period of time.

Likewise, it may happen that the couple initially met through the Internet. The circumstances of living in different places can be resolved over time, reaching a point in the relationship when both decide to live together, in the same place.

Love at a distance can sometimes cause people anxiety, fear of abandonment or infidelity. To overcome all these obstacles and keep the relationship alive, it is important that people communicate frequently, at set times, and make plans together to see each other from time to time. Furthermore, it is said that when love is true, distances do not matter.

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