What is Islamism (Concept and Definition)

What is Islamism

Islamism, different from the religion of Islamrefers to the act of wanting to impose dogmas and moral precepts of the Islamic religion to govern.

Islamism is radical political movements or political philosophy, since, despite defending the Islamic religion, it violates one of the principles of Islam that prohibits any imposition in matters of religion.

Islam is the religion that Muslims preach. Believers of the Islamic religion or Islam are called Muslims. Islamism, on the other hand, is a radical movement of a specific and interpretative current of Islam, therefore not all Muslims are Islamists but they all follow the Islamic religion.

The concept of Islam began to be used and popularized after the United States blamed Islamist terrorist groups for the attacks on the “World Trade Center” on September 11, 2001.

Islam is a revealed monotheistic religion that informs and shapes a cultural and civilizing system. Derived from the Arabic root slm which means peace, purity, submission, salvation and obedience to God.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism represent the 3 current monotheistic religions that believe in the existence of only one God.

With respect to Jihad or fight for the sake of Allah

The most common way to justify Islam is through the concept of Jihad either Jihad described in the Koran, holy book with the revelations of its god Allah or Allah.

Jihad It is divided into major and minor. He Jihad mAyor is described as fighting for the cause of Allah. This is an inner struggle and involves an inner spiritual effort to follow the path of Allah.

He Jihad minor consists of preaching Islam and defending it from its attacks. This is where the idea of ​​the Jihad as fight or war and is an interpretation of specific currents.

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