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He kilometeralso called kilometer, but less used, is a extent or one length unit Which is equivalent to 1000 metersis, therefore, the third multiple of the meter.

Its equivalence in the International System of Units (SI) is 10 hectometers, 100 decameters, 1000 meters, 10,000 decimeters, 100,000 centimeters and 1000,000 millimeters.

Its symbol in metrology is kmby k kilo and m of subway. It is written in lower case, without a full stop, because it is not an abbreviation, and in the plural it is written without yes final.

Equivalences of the kilometer with other units of length

One kilometer is approximately equal to:

3280.84 feet0.621371192 miles0.539957 nautical miles0.621369949 survey miles1093.61 yards.

Uses of the kilometer

The kilometer is used to measure or indicate the distance between cities, regions or countries.

Also used to measure surfaces, the square kilometer (km2) is the measurement of surface area that is equal to one million square meters (1000 m2).

To measure volumes, the cubic kilometer (km3) is the measurement of volume that is equal to one billion cubic meters (1000 m3).

To measure speed, the kilometer per hour (km/h) is used, which is the measurement of speed that is equal to 1/3.6 meters per second (0.277778 m/s).

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