What is a Family Tree

A family tree is a table where the relationships between members of a family are graphically represented.

Also called family tree either genogram They are characterized by being represented in the form of a tree, that is, in a diagram where the ties are connected forming the structure of a tree.

Family trees have objective to portray the relationships between people who are part of the generations of a particular family. They are characterized by giving a visual image of the knowledge one has about the ancestors, descendants or peers of a certain person.

Nowadays, people look for their own family family trees in order to know better your roots, your genetic and cultural past.

The family tree contains the names of the family members that are generally placed in nodes where lines are joined that show the relationship they have with each of the members, resembling a conceptual map but in the form of a tree.

The word genealogical derives from the Latin word genealogy which in turn derives from the Greek which is composed of the words genea which means “family” and logos which refers to “knowledge or science.”

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