What does Oikos mean?

Oikosin ancient Greek it is written οἶκος (oíkos), means ‘house’. In the Ancient Greecethe house included not only the set of goods, but also the people that constituted the basic unit of society in most city-states.

The oikos They came to function as a economic and social unit, in which agricultural and livestock activities were carried out. In this sense, the oikos was the basis of ancient Greek society.

He oikos was constituted by a head of the family or telestai, who was the oldest man, and his extended family. This not only included his nuclear family, made up of his wife and his children, but also several generations of descendants, and, finally, the slaves.

Life was organized around the functioning of the oikos. From this, people’s basic needs were satisfied at a material, ethical and spiritual level, that is, those that were associated with the daily life of the people of Ancient Greece.

Hence the word oikostogether with nomoswhich in Greek means ‘heritage’, has derived a word that designates a fundamental concept in human relationships: economy.

A similar process has occurred with the word ecologywhich arises from the union between oikos‘home’, and -lodgewhich means ‘study’, ‘treatise’.