What are the Characteristics of the Rustic Style?

He rustic style It is one of the most welcoming of all. Applying it in home decoration is a fabulous proposal that will allow you to deposit all its charm and warmth in your spaces.

The rustic decoration, in itself, already offers very high comfort. It leads us to imagine that we are in that cabin where we spent our last vacation surrounded by beautiful green fields and mountains, so it completely relaxes our mind, making us forget about all daily obligations and problems.

Characteristics of the Rustic Style

Main characteristics of the rustic style

Use very marked textures and finishes. It uses old, and often worn, furniture. Use colors related to the woods and natural stones. The use of plain style fabrics, flower prints and the use of cotton predominates. It is one of the warmest and most recognized styles of decoration. Look for a natural decoration. It makes use of old pieces and elements. Country houses are usually decorated in this style. Wicker is present in these spaces. Accessories made of clay, leather and other handmade objects are used.

Characteristics of the Rustic Style in the office

Elegance and professionalism

When we think about office decoration we always lean towards modern styles and minimalists.

The elegance and professionalism that must be maintained in these work spaces often leave us with a contemporary decoration style as the only option that, although it is a beautiful and distinguished style, does not completely meet our expectations.

If you are one of those people who always go above and beyond, you will surely want to decorate your office in a more creative and original way, of course we cannot afford to use colors and extravagant designs – with some exceptions – and that is why the rustic style becomes an excellent alternative.

Create a versatile work environment

A decoration of rustic offices It can perfectly meet the conditions of creating a versatile, comfortable and aesthetic work environment.

The latter is not just a “whim” but has been proven, and many companies have already put it into practice, to the fact that working in a more pleasant environment increases employee productivity; So if you want to be at your best in your work, you need a well-decorated office.

Not suitable for all business sectors

The disadvantage is that rustic office decoration does not suit all business sectors. A clear example is technology companies, video games, gadgets or other similar items; where obviously to reflect in the decoration of their offices all their latest technology systems in order to impact clients and attract them. Rustic offices can be a good option for businesses in the countryside, agricultural businesses, rental of tourist houses in mountains, wineries, among others. Although if we combine the rustic style with the modern style using furniture with a more discreet design and adding some minimalist accessories, we can also create an excellent decoration for a home office regardless of the sector in which we operate.

How to decorate a rustic office?

On previous occasions we have dedicated entire articles to describing this style and pointing out its most important keys, so you can take it as inspiration.

One of the main issues to take into account is using wood as the main material. There are different types of wood so you can combine their colors and textures to create environments with a more interesting visual appearance.

We will leave aside neutral and cold colors to give way to warm colors that give our office a more welcoming atmosphere, where we can feel at home.

The floor must be made of wood

He floor It should be made of wood or covered by a natural textile rug that will also give it a nice touch.

The rest of the rustic office decoration should be made up of small details and accessories. Do not overload the environment with decorations, remember that this is an office so limit yourself to displaying paintings, vases or small sculptures.