Updated guide to working at Nike right now – CV Sample

Working at Nike is one of the most attractive options, especially for young people with no experience or students. Obviously, there are also job opportunities for professionals with extensive experience. Keep in mind that it is one of the best consolidated companies worldwide.

According to El Mundo, Nike generates profits of more than 4 billion dollars a year. Therefore, it has a good basis to reward its workers very well, and this is reflected in their salaries.

Do you want to know all the advantages? Well, we will present you all the advantages, points to consider and tips to enter Nike below.

How much does a worker at Nike earn?

We start with the most interesting of all: how much will you earn in nike . Well, there is an average base salary of at least 900 euros per month (Glassdoor) for beginners or young people without experience. Now that Salary increases based on position.

Manufacturing personnel earn between 💰14,200 and 💰15,600 euros per year Commercial employees can receive up to 💰24,300 euros gross The best salaries correspond to qualified technical personnel, reaching up to 💰27,400 euros per year Miscellaneous trades are paid from 💰14,000 to 💰 €17,000

As you can see, there are different salary opportunities, depending on your position, responsibilities and your level of experience. Still, even if you go in with a basic responsibility, you will have a more than reasonable financial remuneration.

Other statistics of interest

Nike is one of the largest sports companies in the world; so much so that it has more than 1,000 stores on the planet (Statista). Only in Spain there are more than 40 in which you can present your candidacy. Sure, you probably think that maybe it’s a small number and that among so many competitors it will be difficult to find a job.

Remember that we are talking about large companies and where a multitude of personnel is required for all functions to be carried out correctly. This means that also there will be very good job opportunities.

And why work at Nike in the first place?

There are many sports companies, such as Adidas, Puma and Decathlon, so you may be wondering why choose Nike specifically. Here are some of the most important reasons: 👇

You don’t need experience. Regardless of your professional path, you will be able to see a vacancy that suits your profile, and well paid.
You do not need extensive training. If you are just finishing your basic studies or you are going to pursue a university degree, Nike offers jobs tailored to your needs.
jobs are easy. Come on, serving customers, accommodating a store or being a cashier are jobs that do not require you to be an industry magnate.
Good time flexibility. It is possible to combine work with daily life, studies and other types of activities without problems.

Important points to consider

Seeing all the benefits of working at Nike will surely inspire you to walk through its doors right now. However, keep in mind that, although their jobs are simple and you do not need many skills, Yes, there is a high level of demand in all its branches.

The store managers will be aware of each of the details of your employment to see what you do perfectly. Of course, in the long run it may have its benefits, because it makes you a better professional. In any case, there are those who succumb to the pressure and do not perform well in stores.

You must evaluate if your profile fits this type of vacancy.

✒️additional note: Rest times at Nike are more or less 25 minutes a day. Then enough physical resistance is required to last the whole day.

How to work at Nike

You have already evaluated the benefits and some potential drawbacks of this of this great sports company. If you decided to apply to it, you should know the methods that are available to its candidates.

The simplest of all is to use the conventional strategy, which consists of going resume in hand to their offices. Create a attractive resumeLet it show the best of you and take it to one of the Nike stores. Ask to speak with the person in charge of human resources and make your candidacy.

On the other hand, as in many companies, you have the possibility of presenting yourself from your own home. through the store official website you can send your resume in a matter of minutes.

Obviously, it is not just about attaching a nice document and expecting to be called the next day. Actually, you have to meet certain parameters to Maximize your candidacy.

What are the requirements to work at Nike?

It is essential that you have a university degree related to sports, as well as a master’s degree in customer service and business optimization.

Did you believe it? As we already mentioned, one of the main advantages of the company is that You do not need extensive training or much experience . The only thing you must comply with is the following:

Be of legal working age Have completed compulsory secondary education

Of course, for higher-ranking jobs, such as manager, software development, administration and accounting, there are higher requirements. You can find out more about this on the company’s job offers web portal.

Still, Nike is a company where you can grow and move up over time. For this reason, more than the technical requirements to work, the importance lies in your profile as a professional.

And what is the appropriate profile?

The profile to work at Nike is a combination of soft skills, hard skills and your skills as a professional. If you want a position within the company, you must demonstrate the following:👇

Have a passion for sport, or at least in some of its branches Respect the company’s idea of ​​achieving a pleasant experience in physical activity Be a competitive person Believe in high human potential Have the capacity for innovation and creativity Have good customer service and communication skills Conflict resolution

If Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t earn so many millions, he would surely be the ideal employee for Nike (which in case you didn’t know, wears his shoes).

And what is the minimum age? Can I work at Nike as a minor?

The answer is YEAHYes, it is possible to find a vacancy if you are a minor. The minimum age as such is 16 years, as long as you have finished ESOas it is a fundamental requirement.

In the same sense, it is necessary that you have a legal authorization from your parents. That being the case, it is likely that you will see a vacancy that suits your current profile, but of course, do not aspire to an important position or one with a lot of responsibility.

How to send your resume to Nike

You already know that the easiest thing is to take it directly to one of the stores and talk to the person in charge. But if you want do it onlineand without leaving home, you must apply these steps: 👇

Enter the official Nike website Go to the section About Nikelocated at the bottom of the screen Go to the section Work with usplaced in the same column You will enter a job search portal, where you will see the offers available in the company Choose an offer that suits your professional profile After evaluating the vacancy, click on Submit request now
A screen will open where you are asked to register or enter the portal with an email After accessing the web, you can fill out the application manually or by attaching a personal file Once you finish a form or attach your resume, all that remains is to click on Send.

Although the simplest thing would be to stay with the basic online curriculum of the platform, it is not the most recommended. Keep in mind that practically the majority of the candidates will use this form. It is preferable that you be original and attach a personalized CV.

📌tips: The best format to send a resume online is the PDF. Unlike the Word file, this extension is unalterable, it does not get corrupted or there are errors in the information when it is sent. Word is more suitable for editing, but you will have to convert it to PDF.

How is the personnel selection process at Nike?

Once you have made your candidacy, the personnel selection process is done in the same way as in other companies. Human resources managers evaluate the applications and then make a call for the most attractive applicants to specify the following:

group interview. Here you will have to interact with other candidates and talk in a general way about certain aspects of the company.
individual interview. If you have passed the first test, Nike notifies you to arrange a private meeting. This interview is the most important and where you must be faithful to what the company is looking for.

⚠️Attention: Nike only publishes job offers on its official website or, failing that, on the professional social network of LinkedIn. You will not see open vacancies in Infojobs, Infoempleo, Indeed or any other search engine.

What can you work at Nike?

Currently you will come across a wide variety of job offers, both full-time and part-time. It is important that you analyze the available positions so that choose one that fits your profile . The simplest are the following:

Store clerk Cashiers Warehouse clerk Customer service

On the other hand, you will not only see basic offers, but also some very interesting ones for professionals with a solid track record. Some of the most common are the following:

Marketing and communications Distribution and logistics Design and engineering Computer science and programming Management and administration Human resources

As you can imagine, the more hierarchy the job has, the higher the requirements will be. Be that as it may, at Nike there are offers for all kinds of professionals.

And what are the benefits of working at Nike?

Simple jobs, little experience and basic training are just some of the advantages of working within this company. But apart from that, you will also enjoy other very interesting types of help:👍

Constant learning Discounts on products Life insurance Paid vacations Medical assistance Employee assistance Promotion possibilities

Additional tips for your candidacy

With the previous tips, you will be ready to go through the entrance of the Nike offices with your head held high. But if you want your candidacy to be perfect, apply these additional tips:👍

Make a category CV. The curriculum vitae is one of the most important aspects when presenting yourself to a company. You must create it with objectivity, seriousness and professionalism. Focus on your most important skills and competencies.
Use a cover letter. Although it is not mandatory, it is very practical to give a more professional and personal touch to the candidacy. In this document, you will be able to delve into your profile and…