Underestimate Definition

Underestimate is a verb that is used to refer to those actions in which a person estimates the value, importance, or relevance of a thing, phenomenon, or even of another person below what it is really worth.

The prefix sub always means “below” and then together with the verb to estimate gives us the idea that an analysis or an evaluation of the object in question is made that is inferior to what it is in reality. Underestimation is a very common phenomenon today in regards to social relationships, since many times the capabilities or possibilities of a person are underestimated by elements such as physical appearance.

The term underestimate is always used in a negative sense since it implies that something is being estimated or valued for less than its real value, which means that its true value or importance is not given.

You can proceed to the underestimation of an endless number of things, for example, the results of an exam, the price of an object, some elements of nature, etc. Whenever one speaks of underestimating, it means that the assessment is not correct and that, consequently, there may be surprises about the results to be observed.

In the case of social relationships, underestimation is always present when a person is measured by elements such as physical appearance, since this prevents us from seeing or correctly estimating their capacities, abilities, and intellectual elements to perform certain tasks. . Thus, people who have a physical disability are underestimated while perhaps at an intellectual level their abilities and their potential are equal to or greater than that of any other person.

The vice versa can also be observed, that is, thinking that a person, because they are extremely striking or physically beautiful, will not perform as well as an intellectual or professional person.