Translator CV: examples and tips – CV Sample

Translation is gaining more and more importance in the world of work, whether in physical companies or over the Internet. In Spain there are only around 6,000 translators, according to the Statistics National Institute. Therefore, you have a wide range of possibilities to obtain a source of income. Now, you will not be able to aspire to the job of your dreams if you do not present a good translator CV.

The CV is the cover letter that will make you make the best impression in a company to apply for a translation position. If you want to stand out in the staff pickit is important that you learn to write an effective and captivating CV.

Therefore, in this article you will find the best advice so that you can get the most out of the job offer.

Example of a translator CV

Carlos Vazquez Echeverria

[email protected]

999 999 999

Professional profile

Specialist translator in German and French with more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He currently works at Amazon coordinating launches for the Prime Video platform. He wanted to be part of the Netflix team and work on the translation of original movies into Spanish.

Work experience

subtitle translator


January 2019 – Present

In charge of translation and interpretation of text for the online platform, both in the mobile application and on the computer.
Drafting of user manuals for other workers.
Developer of a translation workshop for the new members of the company.
I reduced grammatical errors by 15% thanks to a computer software developed by myself.


Bachelor’s degree in language and literature

Autonomous University of Madrid

October 2012 – July 2016


instant interpretation
software domain


I am a member of the Spanish Association of Translators

What is the best format for a translator resume?

Even though you are handy with words, you should also spend time choosing a suitable design for your CV. A translation expert resume should be attractive, captivating and that motivates hiring. There are different formats to choose from, including the following:

Reverse chronological format: Highlight your most important academic and work achievements in descending order.
functional resume: Focuses on your most relevant skills and abilities for the job position.
mixed resume: It is a combination of the two previous formats.

If your work career is long, the chronological resume is the best option. On the other hand, if you are just starting out, a functional format will help you make the best first impression. And if you want to highlight the best of both sections, use a mixed template.

Note: Avoid saturating the document with information, especially if it is not very relevant. In case of having extensive experience, it is preferable that you use two well-distributed pages.

How to write a professional summary in a translator resume?

He professional resume It is essential in any type of curriculum, especially in translations. It is the cover letter that makes you known as a language expert, and it will be the first thing recruiters look at. So they can know what you have to offer the company.

It is a short section, of a single paragraph and that should have relevant and explanatory information. A good example would be the following:


Graduated in Language and Literature with 5 years of experience in book translation. I have converted more than 50 publications in the English language into the Spanish language and have participated as a collaborator in more than 100 magazine translations. I master numerous computer programs to increase the performance of my job. I want to be part of Languages ​​Trends to provide the company with speed, understanding and clarity.

As you have noticed, it is a resume with a brief, clear and precise presentation that in a single paragraph narrates responsibilities, achievements and skills. This candidate has a very good chance of being hired.

How not to make the professional summary?

A template to avoid would be the following:


I have liked languages ​​since I was little. In fact, I played all my video games in English and watched movies without subtitles. I want to contribute my knowledge to your company so that more people can enjoy original content without any inconvenience.

Although it explains an objective, this postulant falls into informality and provides information without anything of value. It would not be surprising if this resume was discarded completely.

Professional objective for a translator resume

If you are writing a CV without experience, the best thing you can do is resort to the professional objective. The purpose of this extract is the same as the previous one, but you will not focus on work achievements. Rather, you will have to focus on your skills and aptitudes for the charge.

A good example of a resume would be the following:


Graduated in Spanish language and literature with full command of the English language, both American and British. I have completed a master’s degree in written communication and have translated more than 20 publications at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I work with perseverance, dedication and empathy to understand how other people benefit from reading in their own language. I look forward to expanding my experience at Language Trends while helping the company perform better.

A short, simple and completely sincere paragraph. The candidate mentions that he does not have a lot of experience, but he does indicate important skills and some academic achievements. Without a doubt, he will attract attention in the selection of personnel.

Highlight your work experience

You cannot aspire to a job as a language translator if you cannot prove that you are qualified. The summary labor it is an essential section on any resume. Much more is important if in your hands is the task of faithfully copying a writing, but in another language.

An example of a practical resume would be the following:

bilingual editor

Lang Satellite

July 2016 – November 2018

Writing in English of articles focused on SEO positioning.
Complete writing of the Lang Satellite website in multilingual.
Implementation of digital marketing strategies.
Employee of the month award on seven consecutive occasions.

This job description describes achievements, responsibilities, and qualities in a few lines. It is a simple presentation, to the point and completely effective.

Experience for student translators

If you are still studying, you can focus on the achievements you have obtained in the course of your academic training. You have not worked in any company, but surely you have several translated documents and publications in your institution.

Take a look at the following example:

French editor / translator

Central University of Paris

October 2018 – Present

In charge of the edition of the magazine Eleve France.
Collaborator of the writing department of the school newspaper.
Trainer in English subjects in lower grades.

Although this candidate has not left the university, he has responsibilities within that institution. The achievements he has obtained there are interesting for any job offer.

Experience as a freelance translator

Many translation and interpreting experts do not work for any specific company. Rather, they use online portals to offer private services. There are many internet sites where people apply with their skills for the purpose of receiving financial remuneration.

In this case, the best thing to do is to use a portfolio. The portfolio is a virtual folder where your most important works are stored. It is possible to add documents and links to internet pages in which you have participated.

It would be something like this:

Freelancer Translator/Writer

July 2018 – Present

Review and edition of web articles for SEO positioning.
Creation of original information in Spanish, English and French for Amazon Affiliates niches.
Translation of 7 marketing books from Spanish to English.
Participation in pages such as Xataka, 3DJuegos, Computerhoy, among others.

Experience as a sworn translator

A sworn translator is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a person authorized to attest to the translation of any writing in another language. Practically, it is what is known as an official translator, and it has a fairly wide range.

If you are recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ideal labor section would be the following:

law translator

Spanish courts

July 2018 – November 2019

In charge of translating the constitution into English, German and French.
Head of the department for drafting presidential decrees.
Direct interpreter of the King of Spain.

Academic training in the translator’s CV

The education section is what gives strength to your translator resume. You can speak hundreds of languages, but if you don’t have a document that supports your skills, there will be less chance of being hired.

The way of narrating academic education depends on your career. If you are a professional with years in the market, a short and concise summary of your training is more than enough. On the other hand, if you are a recent graduate or are still studying, add some additional achievements it’s a good idea.

Be that as it may, the academic training has the following points:

Name of the academic degree Name of the institution where you studied Start and completion date

Remember: If you are just beginning in the world of work, add data of interest. You can include specializations, awards, recognitions and average grades in the faculty.

An example of training in translation would be the following:

Master in language teaching

Autonomous University of Madrid

September 2018 – July 2020

Bachelor’s degree in Spanish language

General University of Barcelona

September 2014 – July 2018

Introduce your skills in the translator CV

No translator is identical, but each one has a different specialization. Some are experts in fact sheets, others in books, and some in teaching online. For this reason, it is imperative that you define what your skills are and write them down adapting them to the job offer.

The most important for a translation expert are the following:

Transcreation Technical translation Copywriting Subtitling Interpreting Creative writing Knowledge of colloquialisms Linguistics

Apart from these attitudes, mastery is also needed in the following areas:


Technology has greatly advanced over the years and translators have benefited. Every day there are more computer programs that help increase translation performance. But of course, it is not a question of only copy and paste the content to get the text in…