Theater Definition

Theater is one of the oldest and most primal art forms known to man. Already in ancient societies, in which other more current forms of art still did not exist, the theater occupied a great place since it was a phenomenon from which a society could expose in a tone of tragedy or comedy those elements that characterized its everyday. The theater is considered an art form since it has several elements that have to do with the subjectivity and creativity of those who take part in it: scripts or stories, ways of interpreting them, pictorial styles and graphic art when establishing a set design, music, dance and many other elements are those that are part of the theater and make it a very complete phenomenon.

We can point out that the importance of theater lies in the fact that, being one of the oldest artistic forms of the human being, it is perhaps one of the most accessible but at the same time the most complex. When we say accessible, we are referring to the fact that it is not necessary to have a large capital to be able to represent a dramatic work (unlike what happens, for example, when a painting is painted or a film is made). However, it is also complex because it involves a highly elaborate work in which different artistic techniques are combined that can cause the same work to be represented thousands of times with thousands of different meanings.

The theater is important for the human being since it allows him to express through the interpretation of real or fictitious stories emotions, fears, sensations, doubts, concerns and through them appeal to an audience that feels more or less close to those realities. and that you can identify with them.



Elsira Gutierrez Rubio
Jul 2022

The theater is an older and primary artistic manifestation. The theater has displayed all its artifices from the beginning of the season.

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