The 8 best cities to work in Chile in 2023

Chilean citizens are not the only ones who find excellent job opportunities in the country, but also foreigners. An example of this is that the labor participation rate for immigrants is 60%. If you want to enjoy excellent working conditions, you need to know the best cities to work in Chile.

In this article we will tell you what they are The 8 best Chilean cities to work. We will also tell you which jobs are generated the most in them and other interesting factors.

The 8 best cities to work in Chile in 2023

Chile is considered an excellent place to live and work, since its economy is one of the most stable in Latin America. If you are about to look for a job in this country, do it in one of the best cities to work in Chile in 2023. Next, we tell you which are the 8 that stand out the most 👇

1. Vineyard of the Sea

Sectors with more job opportunities: Because it is one of the main tourist attractions in Chile, many job opportunities are generated in the tourism sector of Viña del Mar.
Unemployment rate: 7.4%.

In Viña del Mar you not only have the opportunity to enjoy excellent working conditions, but in the city there is also a great quality of life. The services in them are very efficient and they have a very active student life. In addition, it is close to the capital, approximately 120 kilometers.

As we mentioned, many jobs are generated in the tourism sector, among them is that of hotel receptionist, travel agent, customer service and hostess. You can also find a great deal on shipping charges. chefs, cooks, waiters and, in the case of beaches, lifeguards .

2. Valparaiso

Sectors with more job opportunities: The areas with the greatest demand for professionals are mining, education and commerce.
Unemployment rate: 8.5%.

Valparaiso is the most important port of Chile and one of the main ones in the South Pacific, it is also the main urban nucleus of the Valparaíso region. This city is an important university, administrative and historical center.

An interesting aspect about the Valparaíso labor market is that it has an occupation of 8.1%, most of the employees are women. In the city there are opportunities to have jobs as dependents and self-employedthe latter represents 9.8% of the occupation.

The economic sectors in which the largest number of workers in Valparaíso are concentrated are: trade (7.2%), education (13.5%) and mining (54.6%). Regarding salary, 66.6% earn less than 440,000 CLP and 50% earn less than 320,000 CLP. Salaries greater than 950,000 CLP are obtained by 10% of the workers.

💡 Fact: It is important to note that most of the job offers in Valparaíso are temporary.


Sectors with more job opportunities: in Santiago de Chile there is a great job offer in the IT sector. In addition, there is a large occupation in commerce, manufacturing and mining.
Unemployment rate: 7.9%.

Thanks to the fact that it is the capital, in Santiago de Chile there are big companies, so it has great job opportunities. The professionals who work in the capital have many opportunities to advance professionally in the companies in which they work.

During 2022, in Santiago there was an increase in the percentage of labor occupation. The sectors that contribute the most to the increase in employment are commerce with 4.1%, the manufacturing industry with 8.1% and mining with 32.1%. These data were extracted from the INE report.

The IT sector of Santiago de Chile has a great demand for professionals, the positions that are most generated in it are the following 👇

IT Support.
IT Project Manager. Computer Security Engineer.
Senior Account Manager. Web developer. SAP systems analyst. Network and Security Administrator.

In Santiago de Chile there is also a adequate volume of work, this is 10%. To calculate this percentage, the INE takes into account the number of effective hours worked.

The gender gap in the labor market is very small In Santiago, both men and women have contributed to the rise in employment. In the case of women, they represent 10.4% in the increase in employment and men constitute 4.9%.

🎁 Additional Information: in the case of salaries, 7 out of 10 employees obtain salaries of up to 635,000 CLP.

4. La Serena

Sectors with more job opportunities: the sectors that have contributed the most to the rise in the employment rate are construction and mining.
Unemployment rate: 8.4%.

For several years, La Serena has been characterized as one of the best places to live in Chile. The quality of life offered in this city is stable and comfortablein it you have the opportunity to cover the basic individual and family needs.

One of the most important aspects in measuring quality of life is work. The labor market in La Serena is in very good conditions, for example, in recent months it has shown great recovery from job unemployment which was reached in 2020.

According to the INE, the unemployment rate in 2021 reached 9.6%, but this situation changed positively in 2022. Between September and November 2022, the unemployment rate managed to decrease to 8.4% . Besides of mining and construction sectors, tourism made a great contribution in this regard.

In the year 2022, the tourist influx increased, so Tourism once again became a very important economic activity in La Serena. The sectors that have been mentioned so far are the ones that generate the most job offers, some of the vacancies correspond to the following positions 👇

Electrician with experience in mining equipment. Electromechanical engineer. Civil engineer. Construction machinery mechanic. Local tour guide. Hotel administrator. Travel agent.

5. Conception

Sectors with more job opportunities: The base of the economy of Concepción is the manufacturing industry. Therefore, many jobs are created in it.
Unemployment rate: 7.1%.

Concepción is a city that is characterized for being a distribution and service center that stands out in the country. That is why in this area there is a great demand for professionals, just like in the manufacturing industry. One of the most important points about the jobs in this city is that many of them are temporary.

Thanks that there is a wide range of temporary jobsthese are ideal for students or others looking for jobs of the same type.

“What is the average salary in Concepción?”

According to cl.talent, employees in Concepción receive an average salary of 450,000 CLP. The highest salaries correspond to the charges related to the supply of electricity, gas and waterIn this area, the average salary is 1,186,413 CLP.

6. Puerto Montt

Sectors with more job opportunities: The fishing industry is the one that generates the most jobs in Puerto Montt. In addition, the services, tourism, commerce and construction sectors have a large participation in the labor market.
Unemployment rate: 4.9%.

Puerto Montt is in the Los Lagos Region and, according to the INE, this is the region with the lowest unemployment rate in the country. In addition, the city in the region where unemployment levels are lowest is Puerto Montt. One of the industries that contributes the most to this achievement is the fishing industry.

Puerto Montt’s fishing industry is focused especially on salmon fishing and has the capacity to generate up to 30,000 jobs per year. However, this area faces a challenge and it is the lack of professional supply, since the city’s labor market is registering a drop in specialization in the fishing industry.

Due to the development of the fishing industry in Puerto Montt, the supply of qualified employees is not enough. The professionals who are most in demand in the area are aquaculture engineers and marine biologists.

7. Calama

Sectors with more job opportunities: the economic and labor pillar of Calama is mining. In addition, trade is also in demand for professionals. In the city there are many metal-mechanic workshops and industries that are in constant search of trained employees.
Unemployment rate: 7.4%.

What stands out most about working conditions in Calama is that the average salary in the city is one of the highest in the country. This is achieved thanks to the fact that jobs in the mining activity are well paid. Most of the employees of Calama receive a salary higher than the national average, being the city ​​average of 579,000 CLP.

In the city there are companies that stand out for the benefits they offer their employees. One of them is Inppamet, a company dedicated to the production of anodes for mining. The company has stood out for the prevention of occupational risks, since it supports its workers in terms of protection of health and physical integrity.

8. Antofagasta

Sectors with more job opportunities: As in many Chilean cities, the sector with the greatest presence in the Antofagasta labor market is mining.
Unemployment rate: 8.4%.

In Antofagasta there is an average salary that exceeds the national average, in the city you have the opportunity to receive a average remuneration of 765,318 CLP. One of the reasons why the city has one of the highest salary incomes in Chile is the development of the mining sector.

Small and medium-sized companies in Antofagasta offer their employees remunerations higher than the national average. The average salary received in these types of companies is 746,107 CLP.

In addition to being a great generator of employment, the mining sector has promoted the development of companies that are dedicated to important areas for mining. Among these companies are those dedicated to the clean energy implementation.

The professions that find a greater labor demand in Antofagasta are 👇

Administration and Finance Manager. Civil engineer. Mine engineer. Electromechanical engineer. Industrial Engineer. Mine equipment operator. Food Technician. Heavy machinery maintenance technician. electrical technician. Electro Mechanical technician.

Unlike other countries, such as Canada and the United States, Chile does not have an official entity whose objective is to help foreigners find jobs. Due to the above, job search must be done by yourself. Before looking for and applying for a job, remember that you have to meet certain requirements.

as a foreigner, you need a legal residence permit in the country, said permit must give you authorization to work. The types of visas with which you can work in Chile are these 👇

Visa subject to employment contract: This is the amount obtained when a foreigner enters the country with the aim of working for…