Tab Definition

The concept of file has several references in our language.

Thin, flat and small piece that is used to activate machines, to pay for parking lots

One of its best known meanings says that file is a usually small, flat and thin piece to which they can be given different uses depending on the context in which it is used, for example, being delivered to the appropriate person once you have left your belongings in the cloakroom upon entering an event, when the present is removed and thus your belongings are located.

Also, tokens are regularly used in parking lots, especially public ones. They are purchased at the relevant establishment and then placed in a machine in an amount according to the hours that the vehicle is to be left parked. The machine issues a ticket that must be placed on the front windshield of the car so that the vehicle control authorities can verify that the vehicle has paid the corresponding fee to be able to park in said place.

When this is not done, that is, the token is not taken out and it is parked in a place that requires that ticket, a municipal tow truck will be able to haul the car and of course it will charge its owner a fine for having contravened the regulations.

Document that records data about a person or object

On the other hand, a token is a document in which certain important data about an object, book or person are recorded and that will be later housed in a file and contained in an object or element known as a file.

The files summarize the essential data of a book, for example, and then they are stored in the aforementioned files, while they will be searched there when necessary to recover them. For the recovery to be effective and simple, they are usually organized following certain parameters, for example in alphabetical order.

The benefit of this is that when you need to find the location of the book, or the data of a person, the file will be searched to know them or to find the book you are looking for. Therefore, The file is a basic tool at the request of the file and documentation of establishments such as libraries, health centers, banks, among others..

Undoubtedly, the creation of the files greatly simplified the tasks of filing and searching for information, because through the data contained in it we can determine whether or not it is the material or the specimen we are looking for. .

And in the case of health, the file is very relevant because it will allow the doctor to write down personal data on his patient, physical characteristics, ailments suffered and practices carried out in a timely manner. It is like a kind of memory that will contain the patient’s clinical history in writing.

Each time the patient makes a visit to the doctor, the doctor will look for that file in which he will review the past care and write down the new indications or states of his patient, in order to follow his correct follow-up.

In another area, the token is used to open or close barriers, put certain machines into operation or to establish communications such is the case of the telephone card that allows us to communicate with the desired phone by simply inserting it into the phone slot.

Element of table games and casino games

Also, in the table games, such as checkers, and in the casino It is common to use chips to play them or start the machines, among the latter the slots that turn out to be the most popular.

Control of entry and exit of a job

At the request of the field of human Resources the tokens are used to control the entrances and exits of the employees of a company.
It can be done through machines in which the token is inserted and the worker’s entry and exit time is automatically recorded, using magnetic cards or simply signing the entry and exit times on a piece of paper.
In the company they make us check in when we enter and when we leave.”

Contract of a soccer player

and in the sport, especially in Spainthe token is called contract of a player or sports coach.
For example, it is common to hear in this country that such a team signed such or such a player.
Barcelona signed Messi.”