Suburb Definition

The term suburb is used to refer to those areas or spaces that are on the outskirts of a large city and that are characterized especially by having homes rather than businesses or establishments of another type.

The term suburb is undoubtedly very complex and characteristic of industrialized and modern societies. It is complex since in many places a space called a suburb can be highly comfortable, safe and almost perfect for family life, with less stress or traffic, while in other spaces the suburb can be a very densely inhabited place in which conditions minimum life standards are not present, there is insecurity, robbery, drug trafficking and misery on a large scale.

The phenomenon of the suburbs is very characteristic of the changes produced by the industrialization of certain societies and by the enormous growth of some cities. Whereas before the Industrial Revolution that occurred in the 18th century there was a clear differentiation between urban and rural spaces, with it cities began to grow and advance on spaces that were normally rural. With the growth of cities, populations found it more difficult to find a better quality of life, since it was a huge increase in population in a previously much smaller space. Thus, the emergence of suburbs around each city had to do with many people’s search for a safer and more peaceful space. In the case of the dangerous suburbs, these are the most dispossessed social groups that have no other option than to move closer to the city but keep their housing space outside of it.

Suburbs can have the same services as city dwellers. In this sense, the typical American suburbs, with the rows of houses all the same as each other, with quiet streets and safe spaces are the dream of anyone who wants to live close to the city but without suffering all its setbacks. At the same time, today the so-called ‘countries’ or private spaces in which their inhabitants have contact with nature and a quieter lifestyle without losing sight of urban comforts have grown greatly.