Submitting a Resume to Chevrolet: Steps to Apply for a Job

The history of Chevrolet began in the year 1911, the brand manufactures and sells vehicles all over the world, from cars to trucks. The headquarters are in Detroit (USA) and has offices in countries in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

“What should I do if I want to work at this automotive brand?”

To apply for a vacancy, you must send resume to Chevrolet and write this document with the aim of convincing the recruiter to contact you. In order for people to apply for a job easily and quickly, the brand has enabled several channels.

In this article you we will explain all the important aspects about working in this great company.

How to send resume to Chevrolet? Step by Step

Like many other modern brands, this one has made it easier to apply for a position with their companies. Currently, you can send a resume to Chevrolet via Internet.

Next, we tell you which employment channel to use and we explain the steps to follow to apply for this renowned company 👇

1. Enter LinkedIn and search for available jobs

The platform that we suggest you use to search for employment opportunities for this brand is LinkedIn. Chevrolet has a profile on this social network professional and in it they publish the jobs that are available in their offices around the world .

When you sign in to the Chevrolet account on LinkedIn, click the blue button with the title See jobs. On the left side of the next window will appear all available jobs.

2. Read the job offers and choose the most appropriate

In the job list appears the name of the position, the address and how long ago it was published on the portal. If you find the job that suits you, press the box in which your information is.

At the moment, more information about the charge will be displayed on the right side of the screen. If you determine you have what it takes in the available position, click Apply on the company website.

3. Apply for a job at Chevrolet

once you press Apply on the company websiteyou will be sent to a window in which there will be two buttons, select the one titled Apply Now.

Then a form will appear in which you will have to facilitate 👇

Personal information. Contact information. Information about your work experience and education.
Curriculum vitae in PDF, Doc or Docx format.

When you complete the form, press on Submit your application. This is the last step to follow to send your Curriculum vitae to Chevrolet.

💡 Note: The process for applying for a job at this car company depends on the country in which you plan to work. For example, in Ecuador, in addition to using LinkedIn, you can apply from the section Work with us from the company’s website, the same as in Argentina.

How much does Chevrolet pay?

This car brand does not have a fixed salary for all the employees of its companies. The exact remuneration of each worker varies by different aspects, such as the position held and the tasks that are completed. Chevrolet staff rate the salary as fair.

One of the countries where there are more professionals who want to work at Chevrolet is Argentina. Some salaries of Chevrolet workers in this country are 👇

Seller: 61,058 ARS/month 💶.
Manager: between 175,000 and 191,000 ARS/month 💶.
Analyst: between 212,000 and 232,000 ARS/month 💶.
Supervisor: between 122,000 and 134,000 ARS/month 💶.
Administrative: between 60,000 and 64,000 ARS/month 💶.
business advisor: between 35,000 and 37,000 ARS/month 💶.
sales advisor: between 72,000 and 77,000 ARS/month 💶.

In the case of Mexico, the salaries of the headquarters of this automotive company are 👇

Seller: 6,823 MXN/month 💶.
Receptionist: 7,279 MXN/month 💶.
telephone agent: 6,158 MXN/month 💶.
sales advisor: 7,683 MXN/month 💶.
car preparer: 6,238 MXN/month 💶.
Automotive mechanic: 7,933 MXN/month 💶.
service seller: 6,565 MXN/month 💶.

(Data obtained from Glassdoor and Indeed)

Alternatives to send your CV to Chevrolet

In addition to LinkedIn and the employment channels that Chevrolet has in different countries, there are other ways to apply for a job with the company. One of them is the official company emailyou can also send your CV to him. The address is [email protected] .

The second way to apply for a vacancy in the company is in person. If there is a Human Resources department at the office where you wish to apply, You can go in person and deliver your Curriculum vitae.

When you close the job offer and have all the resumes, the vehicle brand applies the following selection process 👇

CV review: Human Resources experts are in charge of reviewing resumes, verifying the data in them and determining which are the most qualified applicants for the position.
First contact with the selected candidates: from HR they call the professionals chosen in the first phase of the process to establish the date and time in which the next selection step will take place.
Psychometric test: with the objective of verifying the information in their CVs, the candidates for the vacancies must carry out evaluations in which their abilities to fill the positions will be measured.
Interview: when the psychometric tests are evaluated, the applicants who passed them are interviewed.
Hiring: Once the described phases have been completed, the Human Resources department determines who is best qualified to fill the vacancy at headquarters.

Charges at Chevrolet

Because it manufactures and sells vehicles, it needs a wide variety of professionals. Some of the professional profiles most in demand by Chevrolet are 👇

Accounting Assistant Receptionist. Call assessor. Data analyst. Collision mechanic. Maintenance manager. Quality coordinator. Administrative assistant. Logistics manager. Sales representative.

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What do you have to do to work at Chevrolet?

If you want to ensure a place in the selection process of the automotive brand, you must meet the requirements established by it. These are specified in the offersso it is important that you read them very well.

Some of the requirements to work in this company are 👇

Minimum age: Generally, it is 18 years old. However, it may vary depending on the laws of the countries where Chevrolet companies are located.
Experience: in factory positions, the minimum experience required is 3 years. In the case of office jobs, the company is increasingly giving more job opportunities to young graduates.
Education: the minimum academic training in this brand can be technical or professional, it all depends on the job requested.

Why work at Chevrolet?

Chevrolet is a company committed to its customers and its staff, therefore, it offers the best conditions to both. Focusing on employees, the brand It is characterized by offering competitive salaries and social benefitsin some cases pension plans are included.

As for the work environment, it is characterized by being nice and transparentin it there is respect and the efforts of the employees are valued . If problems arise, win-win solutions are sought.

What is it like to work at Chevrolet?

Most of the reviews Chevrolet employees have left on Glassdoor are excellent. in many comments camaraderie and remuneration stand out that exists in this company.

In addition, it is mentioned that the automotive company strives to offer its staff career growth and learning opportunities.

What to take into account when sending your CV to Chevrolet?

When you are applying the steps explained above or you are applying through another platform, remember the following 👇

Because Chevrolet LinkedIn posts job openings from around the world, read the address of the job you want to apply for. If the platform you use to submit your resume allows you to submit a cover letter, we encourage you to use that option. so that you Curriculum vitae If you have an appearance that will capture the attention of the recruiter, we recommend using one of our resume templates. On LinkedIn you have the opportunity to activate alerts so that you are notified when the company publishes a job offer. If you want to be up to date with the available jobs, activate them.

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Bottom Line: Top Things About Resume Submitting to Chevrolet

The aspects of this article that are most relevant are 👇

The company’s profile is on LinkedIn, where job offers from offices in different countries are published. Depending on the country in which the Chevrolet headquarters where you apply for a job is located, the process for submitting Curriculum vitae may vary. You can send your resume by email or deliver it personally at the headquarters of the automotive brand.

In CV Sample. you find many others tips to help you to look for a job optimally. We hope you enjoy great results when applying for a job at Chevrolet.

Frequent questions

Next, we answer some important questions about this car company 👇

What is the profile of a car salesman?

In addition to the salary, the sellers of this brand get commissions for the sales you complete. For this reason, it is so important that you fully adapt to the professional profile that Chevrolet is looking for. The company seeks vendors who have customer service and negotiation skills.

In addition, you must have a good presence, convey professionalism and responsibility with the way you dress and speak. It is these characteristics that will help you make a good impression on customers.

Why are there no Chevrolet offices in Spain?

Since the year 2015, Chevrolet has no presence in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The reason for closing the offices in these areas of the continent was the economic situation that the company was going through. After investing a large amount of money to position their brand in Europe and not reaching their goals, the brand decided to withdraw.