Submit Resume to Pizza Hut | Complete guide to apply

Despite the large number of venues it has, the company opens new ones every yearThere are many job opportunities there. In recent years, this company has experienced tremendous growth in Spain.

“How to send resume to Pizza Hut?”

In this article we will answer this question, we will explain the steps you must complete to apply to a job at the famous pizzeria. In addition, we will talk about other aspects that are important for you to know, such as salary, available jobs and more.

Step by step to send resume to Pizza Hut

The companies of this pizzeria of American origin that are in Spain collaborate with Telepizza. This last company has a web page where they publish their offers, those of Jeno’s Pizza, Apache and Pizza Hut. It is this portal that you access to send a resume to Pizza Hut.

When you are on the Empleo Telepizza website, follow the steps described below 👇

1. Search for job offers

The Telepizza website has an excellent design and is easy to use. On the main page you will find a box in which they are specified how many vacancies are there in the different chains with which the company collaborates.

The same box mentioned before has 3 search filters: Select a position, Indicates the town and choose a brand . To search for available jobs, you must select, at least, the position you are looking for and the brand in which you want to work. Then click Have a look!

2. Take a look at job offers at the pizzeria

When you complete the previous step, you will access a list of vacancies What about the position you selected. The only information you will see in this window is the address of the Pizza Hut headquarters.

Once you review all the available positions, choose the one that is most suitable for you and press on View deal.

3. Apply for a job at Pizza Hut

In the next window you can read a description of the position available at the pizzeria. In addition to telling you a little about the brand and its presence in Spain, the minimum requirements of the position and what the company offers you.

On the right side of the screen you will know the following details 👇

Category. Subcategory. Sector. Workday. Professional level. Department.

To apply, click on Sign up for this offer or in EITHER If you already have an account, log in .

In case you press Sign up for this offerthe form sign up herecomplete it. In it you enter your personal information, address, postal code, data about your training and, depending on the position you apply for, some questions will be asked.

After uploading your Curriculum vitae and consent to the use of your data by the brand, click on sign up.

🎁 Additional Information: on the main page of Telepizza Employment there is a chat that offers you help to find the ideal offer for you. To do this, you have to answer a few simple questions, such as what job you prefer and where you are.

How much does Pizza Hut pay its staff members?

The pizzeria network offers many benefits to its workers, including their salaries. Those who work in any of its headquarters obtain salaries that adapt to their schedules, functions and positions occupied.

To give you an idea of ​​how much you can earn if you work at Pizza Hut, here is a list of some salaries 👇

Waiter: €1,000/month 💶.
chef pizza chef: €1,000/month 💶.
Executive: between €26,000 and €29,000/year 💶.
senior manager: between €49,000 and €53,000/year 💶.
Pizza Hut Delivery Driver: between €11 and €12/hour 💶.
Marketing Manager: between €31,000 and €34,000/year 💶.

(Data obtained from Glassdoor)

In what other channels are Pizza Hut job offers published?

The Telepizza Employment website is the most recommended for you to make a easy job search and apply in a few minutes. However, it is not the only channel used by the pizzeria network.

Pizza Hut also has a profile on the professional social network LinkedInjobs are posted there at brand locations around the world. In addition, you can access the LinkedIn profile of Telepizza .

“What do I have to do after sending CV to Pizza Hut?”

You only have to wait if the company decides to contact you, it applies a selection process consisting of the following procedures 👇

Selection of qualified candidates: After reviewing your resume, the HR manager determines if you are qualified to fill the vacancy at the restaurant.
First contact and virtual interviews: If you are one of the applicants selected by the brand, a link will be sent to your email. Before entering it, prepare for the online interview.
Interview Approval: If you successfully complete the virtual interview, the company will send a message to your email. It will specify the next steps of the selection process.
contract signing: When you are chosen to get the job at Pizza Hut, you will sign a contract. Depending on the position you will occupy, you will need to provide some documents, such as a copy of your driver’s license.

Positions offered at Pizza Hut

The work areas in this company are divided into shops and officesBoth generate many job opportunities. Some of the positions that are most frequently available are the following 👇

ATM. Chef. Delivery man. Assistant Store. Store manager. Kitchen assistant.
Community Manager.
Business Reputation & Communication Impact.

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What to do to work at Pizza Hut?

Each job position has a series of requirements that applicants must ensure they complete. Some are specific, like having a driver’s license, moped license or certain skills.

The following requirements are general 👇

The minimum age for positions in stores is 16 years. Legal residence in the country. Valid identity document. In some cases, it is necessary that you have immediate availability.

Why work at Pizza Hut?

There are many reasons to work at Pizza Hut, the main one being that it is a leading brand, not only in Spain, but in many countries around the world. In addition, it is a flexible company, since Their hours are characterized by being flexible.You can even work part time.

The restaurant network offers competitive salaries and other benefits, the most outstanding are the following 👇

Productivity bonuses. Transport voucher. Increased hourly pay when you work overtime.

What is it like to work in this pizzeria?

According to the opinions of Pizza Hut employees, the benefits that we specified before are enjoyed in the brand’s pizzerias. The hours are flexible and the company’s workers have days off so they can achieve balance your personal life with work.

Since most of the employees are young, the work environment is very pleasant.

Tips to keep in mind when making your application

When you are looking for a job and creating your CV to send to Pizza Hut, keep the following recommendations in mind 👇

don’t send a Curriculum vitae generic, this may cause you to be excluded from the selection process. It is best to read the offer and, taking into account what the company is looking for, write your CV. To show yourself to be a good candidate, add to your resume the achievements you have achieved in your previous jobs. Send your CV in PDF, Doc or similar format. Since the company will receive many resumes, name yours appropriately. Instead of just writing “Resume,” write “Resume followed by your first and last name.” so that you Curriculum vitae have a professional appearance and write it in the shortest possible time, we suggest you use some of our CV templates.

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The most important points about sending CV to Pizza Hut

The most relevant aspects in this article are 👇

The website where you follow the steps explained is Empleo Telepizza. To apply, you must complete a form in which you will provide your personal and professional information and attach your CV. If you are registered on the web, you can log in to apply for the job. If you are selected, you must connect to a virtual interview. Youth over the age of 16 can apply for a job at Pizza Hut restaurants.

With the information we have given you, you are fully prepared to apply to Pizza Hut. if you want to acquire more tips for your job searchenter the section To look for a job.

Frequent questions

To conclude this article, we answer some questions about working at Pizza Hut 👇

How to prepare for a virtual interview?

Ideally, you shouldn’t wait for the email from the company to start preparing for the interview. we suggest practice for her, think about where you will be located and verify that the camera works correctly. The place should have good lighting.

Like a face-to-face interview, take care of your image and body language. Finally, rehearse clear and concise answers to the most common questions. CV Sample articles. that we encourage you to read are:

How much can a Pizza Hut delivery guy earn in tips?

In general, the tips received by the delivery men of these pizzerias are between €3 and €5. This is an average, the exact amount depends on the clients, some may give a little more.