Submit Resume To Nintendo: How To Work At Big Video Game Company – Examples-Resume

We are not exaggerating when we say that everyone in the world has heard about the Nintendo company. For this reason, it is one of the most relevant agencies in the gaming market.

The brand specializes in creation of video games and devices in which they can be used. Can you imagine working in a leading company like this?

“How to send resume to Nintendo?”

The process to apply for a job in this brand is simple, you can do it online. In this article we will deal with explain it to you thoroughly so that you can complete it in a few minutes.

How to send resume to Nintendo?

The video game brand has a website in which it publishes information about its products and its upcoming releases. In addition to being aimed at its customers, there are sections on the platform that are ideal for those who wish to send a resume to Nintendo.

To follow the steps that we will explain later, access the Nintendo website and enter the section Employment. When you’re in it, do the following 👇

1. Find out about job offers and professional internships

On the brand portal there is a menu with 4 options: Welcome to Nintendo!, Job vacancies, work at nintendo and About Nintendo. Access the second.

In the next window you will see the jobs available in the company’s offices that are all over the world. These will be divided into 2: First jobs and professionals and Scholarships and internships. Locate yourself in the column that suits your profile and read the title of the position and its location.

2. Select an offer that suits you and apply

After reading all the available positions, choose the one that you think is ideal for you. To access job details, click on the title.

In the section to which you will be sent you will be able to know the details of the position, such as the exact location of the position, the requirements and the tasks to be carried out . After making sure you’re qualified for the job, press apply now.

3. Fill out the form to request the vacancy

In the application form you must enter personal information, your address and make a presentation. In the latter you specify your Possible date of incorporation and the notification period . The documents that you can attach are 👇

Resume. Presentation letter. Others, like your references.

Read the privacy policy of the website, accept it, complete the reCAPTCHA and click on Send application. Ready! You have completed your application.

⚠️ Important information: The request, the Curriculum vitae and any other documents you submit to Nintendo must be in English. To make an excellent application, read our article How to write your CV in English.

How much can you earn at Nintendo Spain?

Currently, the company has more than 2,300 employees and is among the highest paid companies in Japan. In 2019, it was the second video game brand with the most outstanding remunerations in their country of origin.

“But what about Spain?” “What salary can those who work at Nintendo Spain receive?”

Next, we specify some salaries 👇

PR Executive: between €31,000 and €33,000/year 💰.
3D modeler: between €18,000 and €20,000/year 💰.
project manager: between €32,000 and €35,000/year 💰.
Marketing Manager: between €72,000 and €79,000/year 💰.
Senior Software Engineer: between €36,000 and €38,000/year 💰.
Head of Press and Communication: between €30,000 and €32,000/year 💰.

(Data obtained from Nintendo Glassdoor of EuropeNintendo and Nintendo of America)

Are there other options to send CV to Nintendo?

Nintendo of Europe has a profile on LinkedIn where people can find out about your offers. If you are registered in this professional social network, you may prefer to send your resume from there.

In case you use LinkedIn for your application, do not send the CV that you currently have in your account. It is best that you write one that suits the company, so you will have a better chance of qualifying for the following phases of the selection process.

The steps that the brand follows in its recruitment process are 👇

Review of the application and documentation: after the offer is closed, the company is in charge of reviewing the applications. When this phase is complete, they select the most qualified candidates.
language test: Normally, it is done virtually and each test takes about 20 minutes. The test measures your ability to communicate in English and, depending on the position you apply for, your knowledge of Japanese is also tested.
Specific tests: They are written and focus on measuring your ability to fill the job requested. Depending on the position, you may take assessments in math, software, modeling, graphic design, and more.
interviews: those who pass the previous phases will be summoned to interviews with the person in charge of Human Resources and the head of the area in which the requested position is found.

Positions offered by Nintendo

At Nintendo there are a wide variety of jobs, these They are not only intended for professionals who have experience. The Japanese brand also provides job opportunities for recent graduates, interns, and students doing internships.

Some of the jobs offered by the headquarters of this brand are 👇

Marketing. Web design. translators. Financial control. Applications development. eCommerce Manager. In charge of Social Networks. Product Development Coordination. Sales managers at Nintendo stores. Communication and Public Relations Coordinator.

💡 Guidelines for writing resumes that may interest you:

Requirements to work at Nintendo

As we mentioned before, in the Human Resources department of this company they are very methodical when choosing the best candidates. So that you are not discarded in the review phase of the selection process, it is vital that make sure you meet all the job requirements.

In addition to those specified in each offer, it complies with the following general requirements 👇

Due to the work that is done on it, he shows a fondness for video games. In this way, you will be able to give ideas that promote improvements in games or systems. In addition to the one that is specific to the area in which you want to work, you must have useful technological knowledge for the company. Languages ​​are very important in this brand, as it is multinational. In the selection process, they value applicants who have knowledge of 2 or more languages. They prefer to unite their staff with those who are capable of acting on their own, that is, who have initiative and work diligently.

Why work at Nintendo?

There are many reasons that will motivate you to send a resume to Nintendo, the main ones being the values ​​of the agency. This is original and seeks to innovate the virtual games sector, it is flexible and sincere. The internal structure is proactive and there is an excellent work environment.

In the work environment in their offices, the professionalism, creativity, dedication and talent. This helps staff get the most out of their skills.

One of the benefits of working at Nintendo Spain is that there are equal opportunities no matter what your gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. Other advantages offered are 👇

30 days of vacation for full-time employees. Holidays and own affairs. Flexible hours, competitive salary, overtime pay and additional pay 2 times a year. Pension plan and civil liability insurance. Meal vouchers and employee areas to eat, relax and play. Discounts and special prices. Every 5 years gifts are made for the anniversaries of the workers. Flu shots, free eye exam and consultation with the company doctor. Presentation day for new employees.

What is it like to work at Nintendo?

Employee feedback on Glassdoor demonstrates that the company enjoys the benefits described above. The work environment is very good and there is camaraderie, which is why they describe Nintendo as a great place to work.

The work in the game brand is very well organized, so your abilities are used to the maximum. Overall, employees give this company a good rating.

Reminders to send resume to Nintendo

When you make your application, keep the following in mind 👇

The information you add to your CV should spark the interest of the company in you, so highlight the aspects that differentiate you from other applicants. Before submitting your resume, make sure you don’t omit any important facts and don’t omit your experience and education. Review the CV and correct any errors, it must be well structured and easy to understand. Attach a cover letter to explain why you are applying for the job and what makes you worthy of the job. The files that you upload when making your request must be in PDF format and no larger than 5 MB.

💡 We suggest you read the following articles:

Key points about applying for a job at Nintendo

The most important points of this article are 👇

The offers are divided into First jobs and professionals and Scholarships and internships. When you complete the application form, it is necessary that you specify a possible date of incorporation and the notification period. The documents you can send are: Curriculum vitae, cover letter, references and others that you consider useful. The company does language and job-specific tests in its selection process.

To make sure your resume has the best structure and is clear, we suggest using one of our CV templates. Choose the one you like best and edit it online. When you complete your resume, you can download it as a PDF to submit to Nintendo.

Frequent questions

Next, we answer some questions about Nintendo 👇

How many Nintendo Spain headquarters are there?

Currently, the Japanese brand has 3 offices in Spainall receive the name of Nintendo Ibérica SA and are in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and San Sebastián de los Reyes.

How long do I have to wait to find out the results of the selection process?

The selection process is methodical, therefore, the estimated waiting time to know the decision is 2 or 3 months. Regardless of whether the answer is positive or negative, the company will send an email notifying the decision.