Style Definition

The term style It is used regularly and in various fields at the same time, such as art, music, fashion, linguistics, computing, among others, and is closely linked to the design, shape, and appearance of certain things, among which the more the objects and clothing stand out and that as a condition without equality they respect the same line, follow the same path, that is, they will not be identical but they keep some similarity that will allow us to recognize them as an integral part of the same style.

For example, to make the matter clearer, in the field of furniture design, there is what is called style furniture, the most characteristic and well-known are those known as Louis XV, which are those that recurrently present a turned design. , fine, in which tones such as gold predominate, then, if we see a Louis XV armchair at one moment and a Louis XV table at another, that characteristic design and color that allows us to recognize and associate them is what we call style.
And this same situation, of course, is transferred to other areas as we said above.

In art, for example, these characteristics that observe each of the artistic currents and that constitute their style, will be the ones that will allow us to distinguish between one and the other, a baroque creation will obviously have nothing to do with one belonging to the Renaissance and the style that respects and follows each one, will be what will allow us to differentiate them.

Also, the term style is often used to refer to the taste, refinement and elegance that a person observes in their way of dressing. It is common to hear that such and such has a casual style to dress.