Student Definition

At the request of the teaching process or the instruction about how to carry out this or that activity, the student it will be that individual who receives qualified information from the teacher or who knows more about the matter in question, that is, the student will be the one who learns, who receives knowledge from another, is the disciple with respect to the teacher.

Person who learns knowledge imparted by a teacher in the framework of formal or informal education

Generally, the place of learning for students is the school or educational institution, although it should be noted that learning can also take place in less formal places such as someone’s home.

While and closely linked to this concept, study appears, as we call the process through which a student faces his teacher and opens up to the incorporation of information and useful knowledge inherent to a subject or discipline. .

Learning can be formal, as we have already said, and in it the goal of learning a study program offered by an educational institution is met, or non-formal when a workshop or course is carried out, for example, with the intention of increasing knowledge about a theme.

The importance of education progress

People throughout our lives are exposed to the learning process, of course always in relation to the need to continue acquiring knowledge to be able to perform according to the activity carried out.

It should be noted that at the level of formal education, students must undergo an evaluation process by the teacher, who has the obligation to test the knowledge learned by the students he teaches in order to determine if they are fit or not to approve the matter in question.

The exams can be oral or written, or a combination of both.

After completing the exam, the teacher will decide whether or not to pass, and if the student fails, he must submit to an evaluation again if he wants to promote, pass, the corresponding subject.

Studying is fundamental for the development of people, and for instance it is very important that it starts from childhood in order to be able to prepare and develop the abilities of children, which, later, will favor them in a better integration and in the achievement of opportunities.

For many, studying is not an activity that causes pleasure, rather the opposite, however, we must instill in children that regardless of whether or not it is pleasant or fun for us, it is a fundamental part of life and the door to Progress.

At this point, the role played by the teacher is very important, because he must find, through resources and strategies, the interest of his students in the subject he teaches.

We tend to associate learning and also the notions of teacher and student exclusively with school and it is not necessarily only at school where human beings learn, because at school we receive only a part of life’s teachings, those that have to do with subjects and sciences especially, meanwhile, the rest of the issues that we learn in our lives occur in other contexts and scenarios.

student classes

Regarding the regulated education of schools and educational institutions, it is feasible that we find various types of students, including: official student (attend schools, institutes or universities, among others, with compulsory attendance and approval of work and exams), free student (study outside the educational institution and appear to take exams), hearing student (has the permission of the dean or director to attend the class as a listener, does not participate in any way), collegiate student (study in a recognized educational center), external student (He only remains in the school or institution in question for the duration of the schooling, then he withdraws), boarding student (one who, in addition to studying, lives at the school in the student residences), half board student (the student who eats lunch at school) and scholarship student (student enjoys a scholarship to pay for his studies).

Meanwhile, the word student is commonly used as a synonym for other equally widespread concepts such as student and apprentice.