Step by step of a waiter introduction letter

Tourism represents one in ten jobs, according to figures from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Among the different jobs that can be found in this industry, being a waiter is a commitment and a responsibility that demands specific skills. And yet, this sector is one of the most competitive.

So how do you stand out among so many candidates? With a waiter cover letter that sells your skills in a unique and memorable way. And with this detailed guide, you will learn how to write an attractive letter that is difficult for the employer to ignore. ✔

Waiter cover letter example

Patricio Antonio Cabello Delgado
Sevilla Spain
[email protected]
+34 901 00 01 00

Gonzalo Soto
Head of the Human Resources Department
Antonio’s Booth
Av. Rocío Vega, 10, LOW, 41970 Santiponce, Seville
Sevilla Spain
July 22, 2021

Respectable Gonzalo Soto:

This application is to express my desire to fill the vacancy of waiter in this prestigious restaurant. For more than 4 years I have played the same role in different establishments, my most recent job being at La Casa del Tigre restaurant, where I satisfactorily served up to 60 tables a day.

I am an energetic, disciplined and responsible person; I have a special taste for food and customer service, to whom I offer personalized and cordial attention. I have the facility to learn a menu and give recommendations to diners, as well as to assemble and disassemble the tables in a matter of seconds.

I want to add these and other skills to the La Caseta de Antonio restaurant, a place that I admire for its track record and reputation as the best restaurant in Seville.

I appreciate your time and would be happy to discuss how we could increase the time spent setting up and taking down tables. If you want to know more details about my professional career, you will find attached my CV with letters of recommendation.

I’ll look forward for your answer,
Patricio Antonio Cabello Delgado.

How to write a waiter introduction letter?

To stand out as a waiter, it is essential to have several skills, such as customer service, table organization, cleaning and many more. Although it is important that you know your strengths, it is also essential that you know how to communicate them in writing.

In your cover letter for a job as a waiter you must conquer the interest of the recruiter to achieve your main objective: be called to the interview and you achieve this by taking care of every detail, that is, from the structure to the content.

Let’s start with the main thing: the structure for this type of documentswhich would be 👇:

An impeccable header with relevant data. A friendly, respectful and personalized greeting. An attractive introduction about your profile as a waiter. An interesting description about why you are the ideal candidate. A short closing with a good call to action (CTA). A short farewell with a cordial phrase.

After you have the structure for your letter in hand, it’s time to move on to the second most relevant point: the content. These initial tips will guide you 👇:

Mention your professional experience, if you have it. Highlight skills and complementary training relevant to the position. Mention what are the qualities that make you unique. Mention important achievements in relation to the vacancy. Say why you want to work precisely in that place (research it beforehand).

Create a header with your data and that of the employer

It is the first thing the recipient will read when taking your cover letter, so make sure you make a good impression by mentioning the correct information, being these 👇:

Your data: name, surname, address, email and telephone number.
Employer details: name, surname, position, company and address.
Letter sent date: the exact day you will send the document.

In a cover letter for any trade and profession, the header structure is the same: your details should be aligned to the right and the employer’s to the left.

The following examples will help you create your document header 👇:

Examples on how to make the header correctly


Maria Eva Lopez Carmona
Madrid Spain
[email protected]
+34 901 00 01 00

fatima polo
Human Resources Manager
NYX Hotel Madrid
Calle del Aviador Zorita, 34, 28020 Madrid
Madrid Spain
July 22, 2021

This is a simple and professional header format. The address of the establishment is optional, but recommended when the company has several offices, but you only want to apply to one of them. Your address can be further specified so that the employer sees that you reside close to the business and that commuting would not be a problem.


Maria Eva Lopez Carmona
Madrid Spain
[email protected]
+34 901 00 01 00

Fernando Zapata
Head of human resources
B&B Hotel Madrid Downtown Puerta del Sol
Madrid Spain
July 22, 2021

is a valid format where the exact address of the establishment is not mentioned. This could be because the business only has a single location and it is understood that it applies to that location; however, if your requirements indicate that you must mention the address, it is better to do so. There are companies that have established formats.

Start your letter with a friendly and personalized greeting

After the header, the employer’s gaze will drop to an important, even if it seems innocuous section, and this is the greeting phrase. This is where you could begin to strengthen an empathic relationship with the recruiter if you address him in the right way.

In general, a cover letter for a waiter maintains a semi-formal language; therefore, in the greeting, you should use a simple, professional and modern phrase. Discard outdated and, above all, exaggerated treatments as they only convey despair.

Below, these examples will help you start your upload on the right foot 👇:

Correct example on how to write the greeting

It is a friendly, respectful and simple greeting; because no need to over flatter To get along with the coach, on the contrary, you keep a cordial distance.

Incorrect example about the greeting

Hello, my dear, respectable and endearing Mr. Patricio Carmona:

It is a very exaggerated, extensive and informal greeting, is loaded with adjectives that shout that you want to attract the attention of the reader; however, it could convey breach of trust. Remember that sometimes less is more and you must keep a prudent distance.

Write an irresistible introduction

There are ways to stand out without pestering the recruiter with flattery. One of them is through a presentation sell your professional profile irresistibly to the point that the recruiter longs to continue reading about you.

As a waiter or waitress, it is not enough to have the best skills in the world or the most solid experience in the market; You must know how to communicate it in your CV and cover letter, especially if this will be the first contact you will have with the employer.

So, how to write an engaging introduction These tips will guide you 👇:

Be brief, it is an introductory paragraph no more than 5 lines in length. Quickly say which area you are applying to. Mention where you saw the job ad, eg website (optional). Briefly describe your work career. If you have relevant education, mention it (customer service, hospitality…). Highlight an important skill or achievement to fuel interest.

The importance of this paragraph is that these lines will help the recruiter to form a first image about you, so try to stand out without overwhelming .

Do you want to have an accurate model? Take a look at these examples 👇:

This way you can present yourself correctly


I am sending you this request to express my interest in joining your team of waiters. I have 6 years of experience performing tasks in this position in different establishments. My most recent job was even at Cocome’s restaurant, where I was serving 30 tables a day receiving 5-star ratings from customers.

This is a powerful introduction that answers several initial questions: what vacancy you are applying for, what is the experience like, what are the relevant achievements… If your presentation is like this, you will have the attention of the recruiter and they will continue reading.

Avoid introducing yourself this way


This application is to let you know that I would like to join your team of staff, since I have held similar positions in well-known restaurants in Madrid, so I have the necessary skills to do a good job.

This is a very vague presentation that generates many doubts, mainly: what vacancy you are applying for, what area you have experience in, what are those capabilities that characterize you… It is a way of lose the attention and interest of the recruiter.

Explain why you are the ideal waiter for the position

This is a crucial section in your waiter cover letter because you must make strong arguments why you are the ideal candidate for the vacancy. Already in the first paragraph you got the attention of the employer, but this is where you must increase it even more to interest him in your candidacy and motivate him to continue reading.

But how to describe that you are the ideal candidate? Consider these recommendations 👇:

Be authentic, avoid repeated phrases that any candidate could argue. Rely on your qualities, skills, experience, studies and achievements. Highlight a success story in your career as a waiter. Explain why you are interested in working in that establishment (values, philosophy…). Analyze the job advertisement and respond to the needs of the position.

In this section you can expand a little more, between 2 to 3 paragraphs It will be enough.

This is how you can describe your candidacy successfully


I have taken several training courses on hospitality, specifically: restaurant customer service, people leadership, restaurant sales strategy, among other courses that have given me knowledge and skills that have boosted my career.

I am responsible, committed and disciplined with a special gift of people. My skills in table assembly and disassembly techniques, food plating, planning, organization and table management have allowed me to be recognized in my previous jobs as a waiter. It is these skills that I want to add to your team.

I look forward to working at the B&B Hotel Madrid Centro Puerta del Sol because I admire the reputation they have built in the sector and how they have stood out among the competition for quality of service and how they care about the continuous training of their human talent.

If you describe your strengths in this way, you will dazzle the recruiter With your professional profile, you will stand out from the rest of the candidates and you will increase the chances of being called for a job interview.

Avoid describing your professional profile…