Social integrator resume: examples and tips

To stand out in this area, a dynamic, elegant and professional social integrator resume is more than essential. For this reason, we have detailed everything you need to know so that your document can be positioned above the other requests.

How much do social integrators earn?

According to Indeed statistics, there are currently more than 400 positions offered as a social integrator per day, only in Spain.

On the other hand, according to the Jobted statistics website, the average salary of a social integrator is 950 euros, but specialists can earn up to 1,500.

From specializing in social integration, you can make a pretty decent income, not to mention you’ll get all the gratification that comes from helping others.

Example of a social integrator resume

Jaime Altozano Oliva

social integrator

Contact information:


Ballasted street number 23, Zaragoza.



[email protected]

Mobile phone:


Social networks:

Linkedin: Jaimealtozoli

Professional profile:

Social worker with enormous experience in the different processes of adaptation of illegal immigrants to society. I have worked with more than 200 refugees with empathy, security and a lot of understanding to achieve the integration objectives. I hope to continue growing professionally and helping all those who need it.

Work experience:

Social worker

SOS Children’s Villages Spain, Las Palmas


Evaluation and assessment of families that are candidates for foster care
Individual interviews, family and home visits.
Collaboration with families to establish quarterly objectives in the adaptation process.
Preparation of monthly monitoring reports for each case.

Social worker

SOS Children’s Villages Spain, Zaragoza

Goal planning.
Action plan for emergency arrivals
Adaptation and integration of new members to the group
Specialized care for immigrants in situations of poverty and exclusion

Academic training:

Higher degree in Social Integration

University of Barcelona


Medium degree in care for people in a situation of dependency.

IES Zaragoza



Planning and organization skills.
Orientation to specific objectives.
Emotional management.
Active listening.


English B2
German B1
French B1

Data of interest:

First aid course
Own vehicle
International sign language course

What is the best format for this resume?

When you want to present a solid and stable candidacy, it is best to write the CV based on the specific structure or format.

There are three main structures when creating a CV that are widely accepted by human resources when looking for a job.

The different categories that exist are:

Chronological CV format: It focuses on exposing the user’s career path from the oldest job to the last job done.
Functional CV format: It is oriented towards focusing the skills and aptitudes in the user’s CV, this is very useful if there is a lack of experience or training.
Reverse chronological resume format: It is a mixture of the two previous ones, but exposing the experience in an inverse temporal way, that is to say, with the last work carried out leading the curriculum.

For the social integrator resume, the most recommended format is the reverse chronological one, where you can present your career as a social integrator or social worker while including the skills that make you stand out on your CV.

How to write the professional summary?

To write a professional profile or summary, think about writing a short and direct cover letter that expresses your best skills and the experience that defines you as a social integrator.

It is important that this head your CV. This will attract the attention of the recruiter and focus his reading without moving on to the next thing.

In the vast majority of cases, a good CV presentation would significantly increase your chances of access to an interview.

Pay special attention to the following example:


Professional profile

Social integrator with more than 15 years of experience here in Barcelona in the shelter sector, I have worked with more than 60 people achieving the minimum objectives in the social aspect. I am known for my patience, dedication and professionalism in dealing with all kinds of families and situations. I would like to continue growing as a person and achieve an exceptional job as a social integrator.

As you can see, it is a direct letter that expresses the candidate’s strengths in a clear and concise manner, without entering into judgments or assessments and above all emphasizing what makes her stand out as a social integrator.

Instead, take a look at this other example and think if you’d like to read something like recruiting technician:


Professional resume:

Hello, I am a senior integration technician in Las Palmas and I would like to change jobs. The different groups, the association and the social center cannot control the situation that we have experienced in recent months. So I would like to participate in your project to fulfill all kinds of adaptation and equality functions and continue to grow as a professional.

Professional objective

The career objective is a type of career summary that focuses on the expectations, motivations and skills of the user in the CV. The professional objective is used when there is some lack of experience or training.

It is also very useful in the CV for those professionals who want to access a specific offer or company for which they have previously prepared themselves.

Here is an example of a professional objective oriented towards a social integrator.


Professional objective:

Maria, 28 years old. Barcelona. Social worker, she stands out for her communication skills, adaptability and empathy with all kinds of people. Neural disability and the different types of cognitive development are the field that most fuels my interest and I would love to be part of Children’s Villages and develop the profession for which I was born. I am sure that our working relationship will be fruitful for both of us.

Experience in the social integrator curriculum

Write your experience in the curriculum vitae will allow the selection technicians value your determination, knowledge and longevity in different companies. These data are very important in the CV if you want to create a solid and reliable application.

To expose the experience, you must take into account adding the most important data in an orderly and clear manner. These data are; the centers where you have worked, the titles you have acquired, the year of completion and start and the different tasks performed

Here’s an example that will help you learn how to display structure on your reverse chronological resume:👇


Social integrator, Babyven Barcelona reception center.


Active search for people at risk of social exclusion
Social integration in the aspect of disability
Advice and care for children and adults in an unstable economic situation
Report of association expenses
Information and solution of daily problems
Team of 4 integrators under my responsibility

As you can see, reading is made easy thanks to the order and the list of points. The different data are clearly presented so that there is no doubt.

The examples will serve as a guide when writing your CV, so do not hesitate to use them to apply for the job you want to acquire.

📌Advice: Add here the most notable achievements of your career as a social integrator and stand out among the other candidates in your CV.

Optimal academic training to stand out among the candidates

Academic training is a very important part of your CV, however it is a section that must be done in a very simple and clear way. Most of the people who work in this sector have a very similar training in social integration. Therefore, standing out in the CV will not be a matter of academic training.

Even so, it is important to expose your training in social integration in the most optimal and efficient way. This will increase the chances that the recruiting team will notice you and land the job.

To expose the training, you must add the study center, the degree you have acquired and the year of completion of the same in your CV.

Here is a small example that will help you in the field: 👇

Academic training:

Higher technical master’s degree in social integration of excluded people, University of La Mancha


Higher degree in social integration, University of La Mancha


High School, IES Pulido Castro


Skills in the social integrator curriculum

The skills are known as personal and professional aptitudes or characteristics that define the main virtues of a person. These skills are included in the CV to define your candidacy and your person.

These aptitudes or skills must be clearly stated using a series of points to facilitate reading and increase probability that they give you the job.

In any job, this section is highly valued, as it will differentiate the candidates and make the job of the recruiter much easier. Add the most important information so that they create a positive image of you and your candidacy.

Here is a list of the skills that are most valued in the integrator CV. Use the ones that suit your profile:

Be observant. Analyze situations and identify problems. Tolerance and empathy without prejudice Act calmly and quickly Work on conflicts sensitively and reach effective solutions. Responsibility in all kinds of situations Comply with safety requirements Empathy and assertiveness with clients and workers Ability to organize and manage problems Autonomy to care for children with disabilities Carrying out activities for children Intervention in case of serious problems Performance of tasks patiently and effectively Cleanliness and order of the foundation or center Performance of integration activities for children

Note: the most valued CVs are those that contain skills related to the specific job position, not generic ones.

Additional sections for a social integrator resume

You can include different sections in your CV to further increase the interest of different recruiters.

every detail counts when it comes to getting the job and having access to the interview, therefore do not hesitate to add all the information and requirements that are requested for the job in your CV.

Below are the most valued sections for the profession of social integrator:

Languages: It is important to expose the different languages ​​in your CV, they are highly valued in immigration shelters
First aid: There may be certain situations where you need this kind of insight with customers. In the association always…