Send your CV to Vodafone: a guide to applying for a job

With some 4,240 employees, this is a company that generates job offers aimed at a wide variety of professionals. Do you want to join the staff of this company and send resume to Vodafone?

Your application can be made online using the official Vodafone employment platform. In this article we will explain how to use this website to search for a job and apply for it in a short time.

Step by step to send a resume to Vodafone

The company has several websites focused on Spain, “Can I send a CV to Vodafone from anyone?” No, to which you must access is Vodafone Spain since it is focused on what the company is, how to contact it and similar topics. Instead, the other sites are focused on offers for customers.

When you are in Vodafone Spain, follow the steps specified below 👇

1. Enter the main Vodafone job portal and search for job offers

On the home page there is an options bar under the title Welcome to Vodafone Spainin it is the option Works at Vodafoneselect it.

When you are on the Work at Vodafone website, it will be very easy for you to access the offers published by the company. You have to Press the button See job offers.

In the following window you will see a list of the jobs available in the offices in Spain, this will be found in the left side of the screen. To read a full description of each job, just click on it.

2. Apply for the right job

In order to determine which is the most suitable job, read the list of vacancies and access the description of those that capture your attention. Remember that when you click on the vacancy box, the description will appear in the center of the screen.

When you find the ideal position for you, press the button apply now what is on the top of job description.

To make your application, log in to your account on the portal of employment or take a few minutes to register. If you are not registered yet, when you do, you will have to enter personal information, contact information and upload your CV to Vodafone.

Once you are registered and log in to send your CV, the process will be really simple, the platform will tell you what to do.

💡 “What to do if I don’t find a vacancy that suits me?” You have to locate yourself in the list of vacancies, under the box in which the search criteria appear, it tells you how many jobs are available. In addition, there is a button with the title Find job offers. If you click on it, you will be able to upload your CV and discover ideal vacancies for you.

Vodafone Salaries

The company has created a benefits agreement that applies to its employees, without exception. It establishes that brand personnel have access to a number of advantagesincluding those that are economic class, such as salaries.

The salaries in the company are adapted to each job, in this way, it ensures that it is fair to everyone and, at the same time, offer a competitive salary within the telecommunications sector. In the following list we specify some of the remuneration received by Vodafone employees in Spain 👇

Engineer: €38,795/year 💶.
IT Specialist: €33,137/year 💶.
Data Scientist: €42,231/year 💶.
Product Owner: €41,025/year 💶.
Seles Specialist: €50,410/year 💶.
project manager: €47,804/year 💶.
Commercial salesman: €19,847/year 💶.
Marketing Specialist: €37,976/year 💶.
Key Account Manager: €56,489/year 💶.
Regional Sales Manager: €91,037/year 💶.
team leader: between €61,000 and €74,000/year 💶.
telemarketer: between €13,000 and €23,000/year 💶.
Administrative: between €13,000 and €17,000/year 💶.
Technical support: between €39,000 and €54,000/year 💶.
Financial Advisor: between €19,000 and €21,000/year 💶.
customer manager: between €28,000 and €29,000/year 💶.
software engineer: between €37,000 and €47,000/year 💶.
Human Resources: between €9,000 and €23,000/year 💶.
Customer Support: between €17,000 and €40,000/year 💶.
Scholar on practice: between €7,000 and €10,000/year 💶.
computer engineer: between €28,000 and €30,000/year 💶.
Process engineer: between €38,000 and €41,000/year 💶.
IT project manager: between €42,000 and €71,000/year 💶.
Digital Sales Representative: between €58,000 and €64,000/year 💶.
Own store supervisor: between €50,000 and €54,000/year 💶.
Telecommunications Engineer: between €43,000 and €55,000/year 💶.
Business Development Manager: between €54,000 and €74,000/year 💶.
Head of Brand Content and Social Media: between €69,000 and €75,000/year 💶.

(Data obtained from Glassdoor)

What other employment channel does Vodafone use?

In addition to the Work at Vodafone platform, the company uses LinkedIn to publish your job offers. In the profile that the brand has in this social network you can know the vacancies in the offices in Spain and in the more than 30 countries in which Vodafone is present .

The company keeps those interested in their jobs informed through the social networks Facebook and instagram. You cannot send your resume to them, but keep an eye on these profiles to find out when the offers are published and what they are.

In order to hire professionals who help meet the company’s objectives, it carries out a very careful selection process. Next, we describe the phases that make it up 👇

Publication of offers: The company is in charge of publishing its job offers in its main employment channel and in those that we have mentioned in this section. In addition, it promotes them on social networks that are dedicated to employment at Vodafone.
Preselection: to determine which are the applicants that best suit the job offer and what the company is looking for in its staff, recruiters are in charge of reviewing the CVs and discarding those that do not meet what the brand requires.
telephone contact: once the previous phase has been completed, the Human Resources staff in charge of recruiting contacts the applicants who have the most potential. During the phone call, some questions are asked about the candidacy and the candidate is informed that they have been selected to carry out tests at Vodafone.
Evidence: the evaluations carried out in the recruitment procedure have the objective of measuring the technical knowledge and professional skills of the applicant. Thanks to this, the company is able to ensure that potential future new employees are suitable to fill the available jobs.
interviews: Candidates who pass the tests will be summoned to individual interviews with the Human Resources managers. The duration of each interview depends on the position for which a professional is being sought.
Hiring: Those who have obtained better results in the previous phases are hired by the company. Those in charge of the selection process are in charge of notifying those selected and giving them more information about their new jobs.

Jobs at Vodafone

In Vodafone stores and offices, different employees are required, they are all important for the company to function properly. It has many departments, all the professionals that comprise them have the same objective: to contribute to the growth of the company and to satisfy customers.

Focusing on the staff of the telecommunications company, some of the job offers that arise in it are 👇

Analyst. Finance. Commercial. Logistics operator. computer engineer. Software architect. Shop manager. Administrative and accounting. Sales representative. Digital content creator. Cybersecurity Specialist. Point of sale clerk. Digital business specialist. Public Relations Manager. Smart connection specialist. Quality control specialist.

Because you plan to send Curriculum vitae Vodafone, you may be interested in any of the following guides to write your CV 👇

Requirements to work at Vodafone

What the company requires of you is established in the job offer for the position you plan to apply for. It specifies important aspects, such as years of experience and technical knowledge. However, there is no talk of general requirementsthose that any applicant must comply with no matter what job they apply for.

The main general requirement is focused on the documents you need to make your application. Each applicant must have Spanish nationality or legal residence with all valid documentation and permission to work in the country.

In many of the positions published by Vodafone it is necessary that those who request it speak and write English. Finally, applicants must have skills such as responsibility and communication. Besides, it’s good that conform to the values ​​of the telecommunications company.

Why work at Vodafone?

To answer this question, we would like to tell you about the benefits Vodafone offers its employees. The main one is to work in a company where you have the opportunity to participate in international projects that have a positive impact on the telecommunications sector.

Besides, the work environment is open, global, dynamic and committed with diversity. The selection process is impartial, so anyone who meets the company’s requirements finds excellent job opportunities at Vodafone.

In addition to competitive compensation, the company offers other benefits, such as work-life balance. Some of its other advantages are as follows 👇

Free medical insurance. Possibility of contracting a Pension Plan. Tickets for restaurants. Medical Center in its main locations.

Vodafone is a company focused on boosting the career of its employeesTo achieve this, he has created the following programs 👇

Inside Vodafone

It is a program aimed at ESO, high school and vocational training students. With it, they are given the opportunity to participate in the company’s activities and live the experience of being employees of this multinational.

When they are at the company premises, they can also participate in talks and workshops.

Nucleus Program

This program is based on digital transformation, Nucleus works internationally. Engineers from Google participate in it and the objective is to build the largest data platform on the European continent.

The platform to be built will be based on Google Cloud Platform, a technology stack. It includes Data Studio, Big Query and Cloud Composer. The Nucleus program is aimed at people who have experience in Big Data, are dynamic and passionate.

Vodafone Campus Lab

The training program is online and has the objective of teach to develop innovative solutions to young university students. Vodafone Campus Lab…