Send your CV to Renault: complete guide for your application

“How I can send resume to Renault

The main way to make your candidacy is by using one of the Renault virtual employment channels.

In the following article we will explain in detail how to send your Curriculum vitae. Besides, you will know the working conditions in Renault Spainthey include salaries, benefits and more.

Step by step to send a resume to Renault

The main work channel used by this automotive company is the website Renault jobs. In addition to being able to send a resume to Renault through it, on this platform you will find a lot of information about working at the famous brand.

Below we describe the steps you must apply to send your Curriculum vitae successfully 👇

1. Enter the Renault Employment website

Renault jobs It is the employment platform that can be used by those who want to apply for jobs in the offices that the brand has in Spain. When you enter, you will find several titles, you must locate yourself in Offers and in Job vacancies.

In the section Job vacancies there will be 2 options: Leave us your information to apply for technical positions and Leave us your information to apply for non-technical positions (manufacturing operators) . In both will be button Herepress the one that corresponds to the type of job you want to apply for.

2. Send your CV to work at Renault

In case you select the technical positions, you will be directed to Manpower, an employment platform. When you are in it, you will be able to read the requirements that the automotive brand establishes for those who apply for their technical jobs. After you make sure you meet everyone, press sign up.

If you choose the offers of non-technical positions, you will be sent to another Renault employment channel. To make your application, you need to register on the website by clicking on the button Click here located next to the phrase To enter your resume for the first time.

In both cases, you will need to fill out a short form and upload your Curriculum vitae. When you complete the procedure established by each platform, you will be able to apply to work at Renault.

How much does a Renault worker earn?

The salary received by a Renault employee It depends on what position you hold and what functions you perform. In all the available positions in this great company, the salaries are fair and stable.

For you to learn more about this aspect at Renault España SA, below, we specify the salaries received by different employees 👇

consultant: €29,204/year 💶.
Data Analyst: €19,988/year 💶.
Boss of unit: €33,770/year 💶.
project manager: €34,513/year 💶.
business advisor: €51,159/year 💶.
Industrial Engineer: €32,269/year 💶.
Mechanical Engineer: €32,485/year 💶.
Process engineer: €33,806/year 💶.
Accountant: between €27,000 and €29,000/year 💶.
production operator: €16,189/year 💶.
Maintenance technician: between €26,000 and €28,000/year 💶.
automotive technical engineer: between €49,000 and €53,000/year 💶.
Head of engine tuning team: between €49,000 and €53,000/year 💶.
Welding Department Team Leader: between €49,000 and €53,000/year 💶.

(Data obtained from Glassdoor)

Employment channels and selection process at Renault

In addition to Renault Jobs, the company uses other channels as you could read in the step by step to send CV to Renault. Among them is an own platform and that of Manpowera company that offers recruiting services to other companies.

In addition, the Renault Group has a profile in LinkedIn, In it, vacancies are published not only in the offices in Spain, but also in other countries . Therefore, on this platform there is a greater job offer and it is ideal for those who are looking for job opportunities abroad.

All professionals applying for a job at Renault have to go through several phases, these create the following selection process 👇

Publication of offers and revision of CV: Renault is in charge of publishing vacancies on the web pages that we named in the previous paragraphs. When the offers are closed, those in charge of the Human Resources department review the resumes received. In the process, they verify that all the data is true and that it is appropriate for the vacancy.
Selection of candidates: HR managers select applicants whose knowledge, experience and skills match the requirements of the position. They will receive a call in which they will be summoned to carry out evaluations.
Psychotechnical tests: Normally, Renault recruiters ask applicants to bring their ID and, in some cases, their academic titles. In addition to psychological tests, these evaluations can include linguistic and standard ones. The tests you take depend on the job you are applying for.
Job interviews: These ask questions that help the recruiter determine how fit candidates are to work at Renault, why they want to work there, and others that are related to your knowledge, experience, and skills.
Medical examination: Candidates who have had positive results in the interviews will be called back by Human Resources. On this occasion, they will be summoned to do tests focused on their physical condition and health.

Applicants who pass the medical examination will be selected to learn more about the job. For this, the company will take care of the training that will last a few weeks . Then, those who demonstrate the most skills in the job position will be hired.

Job offers at Renault

The demand for professionals at Renault is permanent, job offers are published very regularly. A wide variety of profiles are required at their offices. Below, we specify some of the positions that exist in Renault 👇

Analyst. quality technician. Business consultant. Project Manager. Marketing technician. Systems engineer.
Social Media Manager. Production supervisor. Electromechanical engineer. Commercial for dealer. Head of Manufacturing Unit. HR director.

Taking into account the vacancies that we have named, we recommend you read the following resume writing guides 👇

What does it take to work at Renault?

Among the main requirements to work at Renault is the be at least 18 years old. In addition, your educational background must be specific to the position you are applying for.

Required experience varies from position to position, but keep in mind that Renault gives opportunities to recent graduates and even has an internship program. As for the skills, the ones that adapt to what Renault is looking for are the following 👇

Adaptation to the work environment. Motivation to learn. In some positions, it is valued that employees are willing to travel to other Renault España SA headquarters

Why work at Renault?

The company offers many benefits to its employees, one of them is the training they receive within it. professionals can expand their knowledge in the area in which they work from the first moment of his work at Renault.

In addition, at Renault there are job opportunities for students who need to do practices. These are paid and allow you to gain experience in an internationally recognized company.

Lastly, Renault is characterized in the labor market by social benefits that it offers its employees, among them are the following 👇

Help for kindergarten. Insurance for employees. Accompaniment of health care.

What is it like to work at Renault?

“What do Renault employees and ex-employees think about this company?”

On Glassdoor there are more than 3,000 opinions from professionals who work and have worked at Renault. 81% of them approve of the general direction of the company and 75% would recommend it to a friend.

Among the main advantages of working at Renault is the work environment and the fact that you gain experience in the use of state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the opinions show that the employees they have the opportunity to learn a lot in this company.

In addition, they value the schedules, the social benefits and, in the case of those who carry out professional practices, personalized attention what is given to them

Tips to keep in mind when sending your resume

The following tips will help you optimize your candidacy and, therefore, increase your chances of being contacted by Renault Spain 👇

Analyze the company and what it is looking for in its employees, this will help you determine which are the most demanded skills, knowledge and skills. In this way, you will be able to adapt to what Renault is looking for and you will be able to demonstrate that you are a qualified candidate. Do not send a general resume. As you read in the previous advice, it is best to adapt to the company, to achieve this, you must personalize your CV. Be clear and concise when writing your Curriculum vitaeIt is essential that the document is easy to read. Write a cover letter so that you delve into the aspects that help you adapt to the position. This letter contributes to the personalization of your candidacy.

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To summarize: how to send CV to Renault

The points that we will name later are key, so keep them in mind when sending your CV to Renault 👇

The employment platform in which you must make your candidacy is Renault jobs. If you are applying for a technical position, you submit your CV through Manpower. In case you are applying for a non-technical position, you must upload your CV to another Renault employment channel. Vacancies at Renault are also published on LinkedIn.

For your resume to capture the recruiter’s attention, it is necessary that the document is well structured. our resume templates have ideal structures and suitable formatsTherefore, we encourage you to use one.

Frequent questions

Let’s finish this guide to send Curriculum vitae to Renault answering the following questions 👇

How to apply for internship offers at Renault?

The internship offers can also be found on the website Renault jobs under the title Offers. To access them, you just have to switch tab Job vacancies to Internship offers.

To write your resume, keep in mind the advice we give you in Curriculum for Internships: Complete Guide.

Can you send your resume to Renault via email?

Yes, the email address where resumes are received is [email protected]. If you will use this CV sending method, read our articles Email to send your CV: definitive guide and Examples for sending a CV by email.

Where are the Renault Spain headquarters located?

The headquarters of this automotive company in Spain are located at:

Palencia: National Highway 611, Km. 3.5, 34190, Villamuriel de…