Send your CV to CaixaBank: everything you need to know – CV Sample

Do you want to work at CaixaBank? In this practical guide we explain step by step how to send your CV and, above all, what their working conditions are like (jobs, salaries, requirements, etc.).

CaixaBank is one of the main banking companies in Spain, recognized mainly for managing opportunity policies for any professional based precisely on their quality and work talent, leaving aside their traits and preferences.

If you are interested in starting or boosting your career in the banking industry in one of the leading companies in Spain, here we explain how to send resume to Caixa and what it is like to work in this company (its benefits, hiring processes, what profiles are they looking for, requirements…). ✔

Send CV to Caixa | Step by step

CaixaBank, in addition to being present in Spain also has offices in more than 50 countries . This is why it is continually looking for qualified personnel.

In the case of Spain, to apply to one of its available vacancies you can do so directly through its official website. Next, we leave you the step by step 👇:

Enter the CaixaBank employment portal. In order to apply for an offer you have to register in the system. Enter the “Vacancies” tab located in the top menu. Filter your search by keywords related to employment or your location. Click on any of the job offers to find out more details. If you meet the requirements, fill out the online form and attach your Curriculum vitae.

It is that easy to send your CV to CaixaBank through its website.

Remember that you must register on the page so you can see the available vacancies. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the job offers, much less apply to them.

Of course, keep in mind that to get a job at Caixa you have to be continually entering their job portal to apply for their offers.

There may not always be offers available to send the resume, but you can activate one “job alert” to know when there are vacancies in the department of your choice.

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Other channels to look for a job at CaixaBank

Although the job portal of this bank will always be the main means through which you can apply for its vacancies, you can also do it through other channels. For example 👇:

However, if you use their external channels, it is very likely that in the end you will be redirected to the form on their website to carry out the process under their own system. In any case, you will confirm it on the fly depending on the type of job you apply for.

If you decide send your resume by emailHere is this guide with practical examples.

La Caixa Foundation: is it the same as CaixaBank?


When we say that this banking institution manages opportunity policies for anyone regardless of personal conditions, it is because it is a bank committed to social causes. Hence the creation of Fundación La Caixa.

La Caixa Foundation forms part of the social work that characterizes CaixaBank and that, in fact, it is currently considered the Spanish private foundation that allocates the most resources to social action programs.

Well, its purpose is to promote inclusion, diversity, equal opportunities, professional development, non-discrimination… Its engine is people and their social well-being.

Work at La Caixa Foundation

You can also send your CV to Fundación La Caixa, if you want to work in this non-profit company, by entering its job portal. Just keep in mind that you will not work in the bank, but in social, educational, cultural, scientific projects, etc.

If this is of interest to you, on their job portal you can find the available job offers or, failing that, send your CV to be considered when a vacancy is open.

How much do they pay at CaixaBank?

Now coming back to the banking institution, let’s talk about their employment rates and salaries.

In 2021, CaixaBank manages a workforce made up of 51,071 active workers; only in March of this year, more than 15,000 employees and more than 2,100 branches were incorporated.

As in any other company, at CaixaBank salaries vary depending on the job position, experience, among other variables. However, here we share some references 💶 taken from job portals such as Glassdoor and Indeed 👇:

A bank teller can earn 1,830 euros per month. An administrator can earn 1,810 euros per month. A financial advisor can earn from 3,250 euros per month. A commercial manager can receive 1,600 euros per month. A bank manager can earn from 3,000 euros per month. A branch manager can receive from 3,750 euros per month.

📌 Reminder: keep in mind that these are average salaries contributed by employees and former employees of CaixaBank in these job portals. You can use them as a reference, but you will find out your real salary in the hiring process.

What is the hiring process like at Caixa?

The hiring process carried out by this bank seeks to evaluate your talent and abilities on an individual basis, and It is made up of 6 phases. 👇:

Submission of the application. First contact (interview). Group dynamic. Specific tests. Personal interviews. Welcome.

💡 Namely: the selection process and methodology may change slightly depending on the position you are applying for; however, this is the roadmap they usually follow.

We are going to detail each phase of the CaixaBank contracting process 👇:


To participate in a Caixa selection process, the first thing you have to do is apply to one of its job offers through the channels mentioned above. If you do it through their website, you will be able to check your status whenever you want.

First interview

Once the bank receives all the applications, it filters them and selects the professional profiles that best fit the vacancy. Then they will contact you for the first contact: an interview, which It can be through different channelsthey will tell you.

Group dynamics

Although they are not usually done for all jobs, they are considered in some selection processes, so it is better that you are prepared now.

With these dynamics, CaixaBank seeks to find out how do you integrate with other people and how well you work as a team to attend to specific situations. These dynamics can be developed by different platforms (such as gamification, mobile applications…).

📌 extra tip: Read our guide on how to get through a group interview.

Specific tests

These tests will also depend on the type of job you are applying for and the requirements mentioned in the job ad. The purpose is measure how much knowledge you have in the area and what are your main professional talents.

That’s why, It is very important that you do not lie on your CV because here you could be discovered.

personal interviews

If you have shown a good performance, you could be summoned to other interviews to learn more about yourself. This is the last phaseThe recruiter’s decision will depend on your performance.


If you have successfully passed the previous stages, you will be welcomed to the institution.

Once the selection process is finished, you will have a integration and training time to know the bench, your team and your responsibilities.

Job positions at CaixaBank

In this bench you can apply for many positions, some of them are the following 👇:

Financial. Legal advisers. Customer Support. Programmers and software developers. Bank tellers. Human Resources.

Opportunities for interns and recent graduates

This company has several talent shows.

One of them is thinking especially to grant scholarships for students to complete their professional practices in their facilities by having agreements with universities.

They have also developed programs to provide job opportunities for recent graduates.

Here you have more information about these training programs, keep in mind that to participate in them you must apply within the registration period.

Requirements to work at CaixaBank

Although your requirements may vary from one job position to another, these are the most common 👇:

Have degrees, degrees or diplomas in business, finance, law… Have previous experience in the sector (except scholarship holders and recent graduates). Have communication and commercial skills to serve customers.

Each position has specific requirements, you can meet in the job ad.

Advantages of working at CaixaBank

If you’re still not sure why work at CaixaBankhere are the advantages 👇:

It promotes the professional development of its workers with constant training. It offers a free health policy. It gives facilities in loans and services. It has a pension plan. Offers help for families. Deliver competitive bonuses and attractive salaries.

CaixaBank is a bank that is committed to the inclusion of professionals. If you want to stand out with your candidacy, you have to show that you share their values. Also 👇:

Create a CV that attractively describes your professional profile. Show confidence in yourself and your talents during the job interview. Do not lie to get attention, your skills and knowledge will be put to the test. Focus on your professional achievements and what skills you can add to the team. Investigate very well about CaixaBank before attending the job interview. Send your CV only in those ads where your profile fits.

📌 Extra: if you want to save time, use our resume templates and choose between the different sober, professional and modern models to dazzle with your candidacy.

Examples of resume that might interest you

In these practical guides you will learn how to write your CV step by step and with examples 👇:


The stages of the CaixaBank selection process may vary depending on the job position, although there are 6 in total (less procedures for some jobs). La Caixa Foundation is the social work of CaixaBank, a non-profit entity. This bank offers scholarships for students and employment for recent graduates. In general, you must have university studies to work at CaixaBank. Requirements vary depending on the position you are applying for. CaixaBank is a family-responsible company, it is the first Spanish financial institution to have obtained this certificate from the MásFamilia Foundation.

Working at CaixaBank means working in a socially stable and dynamic environment, a space where opportunities to build a professional path are accessible to everyone. If you are looking to boost your career, you could do it in this banking company. ✔