Send Resume to Manpower: Guide to do it properly

The company not only recruits employees for other companies, but also offers job opportunities. In their 3,500 offices employ more than 30,000 professionals.

“How I can submit resume to Manpower

In Spain there are 650 professionals working in 120 offices of this group, if you want to join their team, continue reading this article. Here we will explain how to send your Curriculum vitaeIn addition, we will talk to you about important aspects of working life at Manpower.

Steps to Submit Resume to Manpower

The agency has a website where you can search for job openings and submit a resume to Manpower. It is important that you keep in mind that it not only publishes job offers from ManpowerGroup officesbut also the positions available in the companies that benefit from your recruiting services.

Next, we detail the steps to follow to make your application through the internet 👇

1. Enter the ManpowerGroup website

As soon as you access the Manpower website you will see the box from which you can search for available jobs. Before applying to anyone, We recommend you register on the platformso it will be much easier to complete the application for a job.

To register, you must go to the upper right corner and click on Login | Record.

In the next window you will press the button Create Account and you will enter your email address to start the registration.

Then, you will have to complete a form with the following information 👇

Name. Surname. Second surname. NIF/NIE. Mobile phone.

Accept the treatment of your data and the privacy policy, and click on Continue. When your account is created, you will be able to upload your Curriculum vitae and complete your profile with important information.

2. Search ManpowerGroup Jobs

Now that you have an account on the platform, return to the home page and search for the ideal job for you. To search for offers, you can write the type of work you prefer, a sector or even a skill. If desired, select a location and press Find offers .

To make a more detailed search, we advise you use the filters Job vacancies, Sector, Position, Contract, Schedule, Studies and Experience. In the list you will know important details about each offer, such as 👇

Location. Schedule type. Contract.

If you want to read more information about the job, click on View deal.

3. Apply for the job

To apply for the job, you can click option sign up that is on the vacancies list or enter the offer and press the button with the same title.

in the next window you will enter your login details on the ManpowerGroup website. When you do, press Get in. Once you are in your user, you can post resume in Manpower.

How much does Manpower pay its employees?

The company understands very well the importance of the workforce in any organization. For this reason, it strives to offer the best working conditions to its staff, including remuneration. The salaries Manpower employees receive They are characterized by being competitive.

Below, we specify the remuneration received by some employees of the ManpowerGroup offices in Spain 👇

recruiter: €20,782/year 💶.
consultant: €18,197/year 💶.
Data Analyst: between €30,000 and €33,000/year 💶.
Junior Selection Technician: €15,091/year 💶.
Senior Recruitment Technician: €23,942/year 💶.
Talent Acquisition Specialist: €22,607/year 💶.
HR director: €21,100/year 💶.
labor relations analyst: €19,699/year 💶.
Recruitment and selection technician: €19,824/year 💶.
Administrative assistant: between €21,000 and €23,000/year 💶.
Human Resources Assistant: between €18,000 and €20,000/year 💶.
Human Resources Consultant: between €50,000 and €54,000/year 💶.

(Data obtained from Glassdoor and Indeed)

What to do to work at Manpower?

In addition to its website, ManpowerGroup has a LinkedIn account, in it the vacancies are published. If you have a profile on the social network, you can use it to submit a resume to Manpower.

Because it is a company specialized in Human Resources, it is expected that the selection process that it applies is effective. The reality is that it is, the application of each step allows them to select the most qualified candidate for the vacancy.

He Manpower selection process It is formed by the following steps 👇

Publication of job offers: The company is in charge of publishing vacancies in its employment channels. In many places it also publishes in the traditional way, that is, in major national and local newspapers, events, job fairs and announcements in its offices.
Reception of resumes: recruiters set the time that the offer will remain open. All CVs submitted through company-approved channels are taken into account in the selection process.
Evaluation of the candidacies: when the job offer is closed, the company’s consultants are in charge of verifying the resumes and evaluating the compatibility that each candidate has with the available job.
Contact with applicants and interviews: Once the CVs are evaluated, HR contacts the candidates who best suit the offer and they are summoned for interviews. They identify the knowledge, characteristics, preferences, interests and work experience of the candidates. In this way, they determine who are the most interested and qualified.
evaluations: in the positions that apply, the company carries out tests that help identify the levels of knowledge of the applicants.
selections: taking into account the information collected in the previous phases, the agency chooses the ideal candidate for each job.

Jobs at Manpower

Most of the vacancies that arise in the company are related to the Human Resources area . In addition, there is a wide variety of positions administrative and jobs available at companies that have retained Manpower’s recruiting services.

Next, we describe some of the many jobs that are published in the employment channels of this company 👇

Analyst. Consultant. Commercial. Administrative. Director of operations. Logistics and customer service. HR director. Psychologist specialized in HR. Recruitment and selection technician. Business Development Manager.

📌 Guides to write CV that may interest you:

What is required to work at Manpower?

If what you want is to send CV to Manpower to work in any of its offices, you need to have the education required for the position you are applying for. In most cases it is necessary to have completed a degree in Human Resources and have experience in that area.

As for the general requirements, they contain the be over 18 years of age and have Spanish nationality. If you are a foreigner, you need a permanent permit that allows you to work in Spain .

Why work at Manpower?

The company wants to attract professionals and convince them that applying for a vacancy with it is an excellent decision. Those who work in it will live the experience of working in a brand committed to customers and employees, responsible and ethical.

At ManpowerGroup, the personal and professional growth of employees is promoted. To contribute to the development of your team, Manpower has created Talent Universitya corporate university in which you increase your knowledge and boost your professional career.

One last reason you have to work at ManpowerGroup is that has received the certificate Top Employer. With it, its value proposition to human talent within the agency has been recognized.

What is it like to work at Manpower?

“Does the company comply with what it offers its employees?”

To answer this question, we must take into account what employees say and on Glassdoor we find Manpower opinions from their staff. In general, the opinions are positivethey show that the company does enjoy a good working environment.

In addition, many employees appreciate the growth opportunities generated and learning about different areas. Finally, in some comments it is stated that it is a good option for those who begin their professional careers.

Tips for making a proper application

To excel in the selection process, follow these tips 👇

Recruiters prefer personalized CVs, so we suggest you read the job offers. When you do, you’ll know exactly what the company is looking for and what keywords you can use to have a positive effect. The content of your resume should arouse the recruiter’s interest and motivate him to call you for an interview. In addition, the writing of this document is concise and professional. To discuss what makes you a perfect candidate for the job, write a cover letter.

💡 In the following articles you will find more tips:

To summarize: the most important thing about submitting a CV to Manpower

Points to remember about submitting your Curriculum vitae to ManpowerGroup are as follows 👇

The application is made on the Manpower website. Before searching for available jobs, register on the platform. ManpowerGroup has a LinkedIn profile where they post their job openings, so you can submit your resume through this website.

Your resume is a very important element when applying for a job. In order to make a good impression, you must choose the format, structure, and design of the document very well. In CV Sample. we have prepared 10 templates with attractive and neat appearances.

Our resume templates can be edited online and downloaded in the format you prefer. We encourage you to use them!

Frequent questions

Below, we clarify some doubts about the job search at ManpowerGroup

What to do if you have trouble applying on the Manpower website?

What you should do is contact the company’s technicians, they will help you solve any problem with the platform. To contact them, You can call from Monday to Friday at (+34) 919 118 694 or entering the section Contact Manpower.

How to know the status of your candidacy?

Those in charge of the recruitment process will contact you if they determine that your profile meets the requirements of the offer and what they are looking for in a professional.