Send CV to SEAT: guide for your application

“As send resume to SEAT

Your application to this company can be made virtually through one of its employment channels. The main one is its own website where its vacancies are published throughout Spain.

In this article we will explain how to use the SEAT employment platform to send Curriculum vitae. In addition, we will tell you what other channels he uses and We will talk to you about the working conditions in the company.

Step by step to send CV to SEAT

The main way to send your CV to SEAT is by using its employment platform. In her offers are published that adapt to different professionalsfrom the most experienced to those looking for their first job.

To access the SEAT employment channel and send Curriculum vitaeyou must apply the following steps 👇

1. Enter the SEAT website

On the website of this automotive company there are several sections, one of them is About SEAT, this is the one you must access, the option is in the upper options bar. Then, click on Work with us.

In the section Work with us you will find the box Your future at SEATin it is the button Know morepress it. When you do, you will be sent to the company’s employment channel.

2. Enter SEAT job offers

In the Web page Human Resources: SEAT Employment All information related to employment in this company in the automotive sector is published. One of the sections that you find in it is Job vacanciesif you want to access, locate yourself in the upper right corner and click on the option with that title.

When you are on the web SEAT: Offersyou must go down until you find the title Job vacancies. Under him there is a list of vacancies in the company’s Spanish offices.

3. Apply for the job that suits your professional profile

After reading the list of job offers at the company, decide which one best suits your work experiences, studies, and skills. When you decide Press the button Request that is in the box in which the title of the vacancy is mentioned.

In the next window there will be a very complete description of the job, in it the following is detailed 👇

Functions that correspond to the position. Experience and skills required. Minimum requirements. What the company offers you

If you suit the vacancy, click on Sign up for this offer.

To sign up for the offer, you will have to fill out a form with your personal data and others that are necessary for the position. on request You can upload your CV in PDF, DOC or any similar format . When you complete the form, accept the terms and conditions and press sign up.

How much does SEAT pay its employees?

Jobs at the car brand are available for highly experienced professionals and for students doing internships. Because of that and because not all employees perform the same functions, salaries are not equal.

If you want to have an idea of ​​how much you can get to earn at SEAT according to your professionthen we list some salaries 👇

Intern: €7,439/year 💶.
Buyer: €34,762/year 💶.
Data Scientist: €37,000/year 💶.
project manager: €42,500/year 💶.
product manager: €94,773/year 💶.
Industrial Engineer: €40,831/year 💶.
software developer: €42,399/year 💶.
Project Engineer: €47,484/year 💶.
Lawyer: between €37,000 and €41,000/year 💶.
commercial manager: between €57,000 and €81,000/year 💶.
Financial Controller: between €39,000 and €42,000/year 💶.
Car mechanic: between €49,000 and €53,000/year 💶.
Head of human resources: between €56,000 and €60,000/year 💶.
International Sales Manager: between €82,000 and €89,000/year 💶.

(Data obtained from Glassdoor)

What to do to work at SEAT?

What you have to do is send CV to SEAT following the steps that we explained before. However, the employment channel SEAT: Offers it is not the only platform available to know the vacancies in this company and make your application.

The automotive company is registered on LinkedInif you access their profile and the section Jobs that there is in it, you will find the jobs available. In addition, you can apply for a job at SEAT through InfoJobs .

In addition to sending Curriculum vitaeit is necessary that all applicants for a job at SEAT go through the following selection process 👇

Review of resumes and selection of applicants: Those in charge of the HR department review the CVs and determine which ones best suit the requirements of the job offers. The candidates who stand out will be chosen to continue in the selection process.
Telephone interview: When the company contacts the selected applicants, it will conduct an interview in which it will ask about interests, experiences and other aspects related to their resumes.
evaluations: Those who succeed in the telephone interview will be invited to carry out technical tests at the company’s offices. These selection exercises are known as Assessment Centers, in most cases 4 tests are done. It includes personal presentations, group dynamics and skills assessments.
face-to-face interview: Candidates who pass the tests will be summoned to interviews with the director of the area to which they have applied. It asks questions related to your Curriculum vitae.
Hiring: those who pass the described phases will be hired by SEAT. The recruiters will inform them about the signing of the employment contract and the date on which they will start working.

Jobs at SEAT

At the automotive company there are job opportunities for interns, recent graduates, and professionals with several years of professional experience. Furthermore, in her there are different areas, all contribute to its proper functioning. Next, we tell you what jobs are generated in them 👇

Marketing. Administrative.
DATA Engineer.
product designer. Quality Manager. Logistics operator.
Technical Coordinator.
Project Planning Leader. Shopping coordinator. Electromechanical engineer. Cybersecurity professional.

Taking into account the jobs at SEAT, we leave you a list of guides to make CV that may interest you 👇

Requirements to work at SEAT

If you want to pass the first phase of the SEAT selection process (CV review), It is essential that you meet all the requirements of employment. When you read the description of the position you are applying for, you know a few requirements. Although these are very important, they are not the only ones established by the company.

Before applying for a job, make sure you meet the general requirementsthen we specify them 👇

Be at least 18 years of age. DNI or permit to work in Spain. Have the academic training required by the position in the company. Skills such as proactivity, teamwork and the desire to constantly learn. In some cases, applicants are required to speak foreign languages, the most in demand at SEAT are German and English.

💡 Note: If the job you are applying for requires you to speak English or German, tests will be carried out during the selection process to check your ability to understand and speak this language.

Benefits of working at SEAT

The company believes that its staff is the engine of its activities, therefore, it offers benefits to those who work for it. One of them is that working at SEAT means being part of a big family, in which there are professionals of different ages and many nationalities.

In addition, SEAT employees receive constant training and enjoy benefits focused on transportation and healthcare. Many have opportunities to grow professionally and even work at SEAT offices located abroad .

Below, we detail other benefits of working at SEAT 👇

kick start program

Young people who are pursuing careers in degree, postgraduate or master they have the opportunity to work in this company to have their first contact with working life. Thanks to the Kickstart programme, they develop professional skills and even have the opportunity to work at SEAT when they graduate.

Among the benefits received by those who are part of the Kickstart program are the following 👇

Financial assistance. Free transport. Flexible schedules.

PhD Program and Graduate Trainee Program

The Doctorate program is carried out by SEAT in collaboration with different universities. Students who participate in it have the opportunity to work on research and strategic projects. Also, they get a 3 year temporary contract .

Regarding the Trainee program for graduates, it allows young people to develop their talents in the automotive brand. As you can see, at SEAT they give many opportunities to young people who are studying or have finished their university degrees.

What is it like to work at SEAT?

On Glassdoor there are hundreds of opinions from professionals who work or are former employees of SEAT. Most are positive, with the company enjoying a 4.1-star rating and 93% would recommend a job at the company to their friends.

Among the aspects that are considered benefits are the salary and the work environment, since company culture is very good. Professionals value the opportunity to work on multinational projects that help them develop professionally.

In addition, many users mention that the company offers good conditions to its employees and employment stability.

Tips for applying for a job at SEAT

To excel in the selection process, keep in mind the following tips 👇

Customize your resume to the job applied for and the company. To achieve this, include keywords used in the job offer. He Curriculum vitae It should be formal, but that doesn’t mean you won’t stop using a natural language. If you want to personalize your candidacy as much as possible, we suggest you complete your CV with a cover letter. Your resume design should be professional and attractive, but not too flashy, find the balance.

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Key points of sending a curriculum vitae to SEAT

When you send your CV to SEAT, remember the following points analyzed in this article 👇

The company’s main employment platform is SEAT: Offers. The description of the job offer lists the specific requirements, what the company offers you and what functions you will have to fulfill if you are hired. He Curriculum vitae It may be sent in PDF, DOC or another similar format. At SEAT there are jobs for students, recent graduates and professionals with a long career. In addition, the company has an internship program called Kickstart.

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