Send CV to Movistar: how to apply for a job

If your profession is ideal to work in this brand, do not hesitate to learn how to send resume to Movistar. The best thing about the application process is that you can do it virtually, so it is faster and easier than applying in person.

In CV Sample we will analyze the following points:

Step by step to make your application in the ideal employment platform. Salaries in the company. Requirements to apply for a job and benefits offered by the brand.

Continue reading and learn everything you need to apply for a job at Movistar!

Steps to send your CV to Movistar over the Internet

Movistar’s main employment platform is Jobs at telephone GlobalThose who are interested in job offers in the brand can register with it. Once you access the portal, apply for a job applying the following steps 👇

1. Find out about vacancies in Movistar stores and offices

On the home page of the Telefónica website there is a box in which to search for vacancies. For this, you can write the name of the position that you would like to request or indicate a city that you want the search to focus on.

When you write the keyword of the position and/or the cityPress the button Find offers.

When finished processing the data you entered, a message appears on the screen. list of vacancies that match your search criteria. In addition to the job title and location, the listing includes the date the vacancy was posted.

“What do I do if there is no offer that suits what I am looking for?”

The platform gives you the option of create alerts that will be sent with the frequency that you select. That way, you’ll know when new offers are published and you can check if one is ideal for you.

To be notified of new offers, click create alert.

💡 Note: in the box in which you enter the name and location of the vacancy there is an option titled show more options. If you press it, you will be able to do a more detailed search.

2. Select the ideal vacancy for you and apply

Spend enough time reading the list of vacancies at Movistar, when you find the one that suits your experience, education and skills, click on it.

In the job description you can read the mission of the position, responsibilities, activities and the Specific requirements to work at Movistar. As for the latter, it is mentioned 👇

Academic training. Languages. Technical knowledge. Professional experience.

If you conclude that you meet what the company is looking for, press Submit application now.

If you are already registered on the platform, select log in. In case you’re not, complete the formthe first thing you should do is Upload your resume and cover letter. Then, write your email and other personal information . To finish, click Request.

By following these simple steps you will be able to apply for a job at Movistar.

How much does Movistar pay?

The company with an excellent global presence has a very diverse workforce. All your jobs enjoy the same benefits, including permanent contracts and competitive salaries.

Are the positions with greater responsibilities those who receive better salaries, but make no mistake, that does not mean that other workers do not receive fair remuneration. For you to verify this, below, we specify some of the salaries in Movistar Spain 👇

software engineer: €30,624/year 💰.
Technical: between €20,000 and €64,000/year 💰.
Legal Trainee: between €50,000 and €54,000/year 💰.
chat operator: between 866 and 10,000 €/year 💰.
senior manager: between €50,000 and €54,000/year 💰.
UX/UI Designer: between €63,000 and €68,000/year 💰.
Virtual Assistant: between €15,000 and €16,000/year 💰.
Customer Service: between €14,000 and €15,000/year 💰.
Project Manager: between 43,000 and 46,000 €/year 💰.
commercial executive: between €50,000 and €54,000/year 💰.
Area Sales Manager: between €40,000 and €44,000/year 💰.
Commercial salesman: between €25,000 and €27,000/year 💰.
Marketing manager: between €106,000 and €113,000/year 💰.
content generator: between €50,000 and €54,000/year 💰.
Incident and quality manager: between €51,000 and €56,000/year 💰.
Community manager and graphic designer: between €49,000 and €53,000/year 💰.
Fixed asset and supply planner: between €50,000 and €55,000/year 💰.

(Data obtained from Glassdoor)

What other employment channels does Movistar use?

In addition to the Telefónica employment portal, Movistar uses other platforms to publish its job offers. One of them is LinkedIn, the profile you must access is that of Telefónica. The professionals who are in demand at Movistar’s offices in Spain and other countries are published in it.

The company also has an account at InfoJobs, the name of this is Telyco – Telefónica Group. The works that are published on this website focus mainly on Movistar stores.

Regardless of which channel you use, the selection process to be applied will be next 👇

Presentation of resumes: All offers have a deadline, before it, those who wish can send their CVs to the telephone company. When offers are closed, recruiters review resumes and select candidates they believe are the best fit for the job.
Contact: If you are one of those selected, you will receive a phone call from the Human Resources department. In addition to clarifying when and where the evaluation corresponding to the position applied for will be, he does a short interview to learn a little more.
evaluations: For some positions, Movistar applies an evaluation process that allows them to determine if each candidate has what it takes to perform their duties efficiently. In the event that the tests do not apply to the position you have applied for, you will be informed in the phone call and you will only be summoned to an interview.
interviews: Currently, the company decides on the virtual interview. A video interview allows you as an applicant and the recruiter to save time. Taking into account the results of the virtual interview, the applicants who stood out the most are chosen and are invited to a face-to-face interview.

Once the described phases have been completed, the recruiter and all the professionals involved in the selection process select the most qualified candidates. When they do, they are contacted to inform them that they have been selected to fill the vacancies.

When they are hired they will be given more information about the contract signing and incorporation to brand activities.

Jobs at Movistar

The professional profiles demanded by the company are very varied and are required in all its offices. Of course, there are some charges that are more requested by others, then we tell you what they are 👇

Accountant. Administrator. Technical support.
Security Manager. Graphic designer. SAP consultant. Store manager. Financial analyst. Account Manager. Audiovisual producer. Marketing assistant. Professional in big data. Call center manager. Technology manager. Customer service manager. Human Resources Staff.

Taking into account the jobs in Movistar that we have mentioned so far, we will leave you the guides in which we help you write the CVs to apply for them 👇

Requirements for Movistar

The exact requirements you must meet vary depending on the job you decide to apply for . Normally, the company asks that its professionals have a Minimum experience of 2 years and studies directly related to the jobs for which they are applying.

In addition, applicants are required to have technical knowledge that help them perform their tasks optimally. Finally, we suggest you show that you have skills that fit with what the company is looking for and with the work team, some examples are 👇

Leadership. Interpersonal skills. Availability to assume new responsibilities. Confidentiality. Ability to learn and develop in a constantly evolving work environment.

Why work at Movistar?

Telefónica is recognized for offering excellent working conditions in its stores and offices around the world. This encourages constant development and learning of your employees. Besides, offers agile and flexible work and encourages young talent giving opportunities in the following ways 👇

talent: a scholarship program created in 2012 that has benefited more than 3,500 young people.
programming campus: This is known as “42” and it is free, it is open 24/7 and it does not require prior training or a specific age. The campus has been created by Fundación Telefónica and is ideal for professionals in video games, cybersecurity, Big Data and similar areas.

The company is constantly evolving, therefore, new ways of working are applied in it. Movistar commitment to hybrid employment, that is, in which you can do it in person and virtually. This offers more flexibility and well-being to employees.

Regarding the promotion of professional growth and constant training, the company has Universitas, a corporate university. In addition, it has developed SkillsBank, which promotes training in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

What Movistar offers its employees convinces you that working there is an excellent option. However, you may wonder “Does Movistar comply with what it offers its employees?”

What is it like to work at Movistar?

To answer the question with which we finished the previous subheading and the one that heads this one, we take into account the opinions that are on Glassdoor. These were published by those who work or have worked at the headquarters of this company.

The opinions are very good 72% of users have approved the general direction from the telephone company. Those who have expressed their opinion describe it as a flexible company, with a good work environment and in which the opportunity to ascend is given.

As for sellers, they value being given sales commissions and have reasonable hours.

Tips to keep in mind when sending CV to Movistar

For you to excel in the Movistar recruitment process, apply the following recommendations 👇

When you write your Curriculum vitaeConsider the knowledge, achievements, and skills the phone company is looking for in its employees. Brand recruiters prefer resumes to be short and information to be presented clearly and concisely. The fact that the employment platform has the option of uploading a cover letter shows that recruiters like applicants to attach this document. Therefore, do it, in a cover letter you can expose your strengths and how your experiences, knowledge and skills could help the company.

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