Second Definition

The concept of second is a concept that is used primarily to designate the unit of time that lasts only an instant and from which the minutes, hours and successively the days, etc. are composed. 60 seconds together make a minute while an hour is made up of 3600 seconds. It is important to point out that when we speak of a second with this meaning, we are speaking, from the grammatical point of view, of a noun and not of an adjective.

The notion of time in such a detailed way is undoubtedly a relatively current phenomenon that had to do with the emergence of a capitalist society in which making the most of time meant obtaining more and more profit and profit. In this way, the formulas and units that were created to measure the passage of time are artificial and stop looking at natural phenomena (such as sunset) to place them on logical and empirically measurable elements.

However, the term second does not have only one meaning but is also used to refer to the character of not being in first place, for example when talking about a person who came second in a race. In this case, the word second or second becomes an adjective that can be qualifying as well as ordinal, that is, related to order. It is visible how the word, then, almost completely changes the meaning it had when we talked about seconds in terms of time.

Second place is always a conflictive place or position since it means that one has not been able to obtain the best placement or qualification. This is clearly visible when we talk about sports competitions, in confrontations, etc., since the second is always the person who has not managed to develop the best level, but rather has been left behind someone who did. In this sense, even when the second place is accidental, such as a second brother, the situation can also imply conflicts since jealousy, competition, etc., can be present between the brothers.