Redesign Definition

redesign something

Re is one of the most used prefixes at the request of our language and that we use before some words to indicate the repetition of an action. In this case then a redesign refers to the action of redesigning something.
Design is the creative activity through which a person devises objects and useful elements, and with a certain aesthetic imprint, to then be mass-produced and sold in a market.

Improve the original version

The redesign of an object, an element or whatever can be done with various intentions, an alternative may be to improve the original version of that object, make it more attractive, more up-to-date, add new functions if it has become obsolete, for example. example. And also the redesign can be due to the dissatisfaction that the creator has about his design and then he decides to rework it from scratch.

Technological advances set the pace for redesign

The revolution that the industry experienced from the 19th century and that allowed many products to be manufactured in series and also the constant advances proposed by technology that does not stop advancing towards better options, has generated that many material goods are subject to redesign.

Let’s think of a car, one of the most demanded goods in the world, it is usually plausible for a redesign by the company that manufactures and sells it if there are compelling reasons to do so. Many times proposals are launched on the market that ultimately do not meet the expectations or satisfy the needs of the users, so they let the designers know through their criticism, and the manufacturing company, so as not to lose space in the market, decides to redesign the car.

Some common complaints usually occur in those popular models, that is, those that are the cheapest on the market, and are especially linked to comfort issues that they obviously lack and that end up being annoying for the customer.

The redesign can also be applied to intangibles

But not only tangible objects can be the object of the redesign, the redesign can also be applied to non-tangible things, such as a marketing or communication strategy.

So, redesign is very important because thanks to it you can rework objects and things that do not satisfy the consumer.