Popular Games Definition

Game is called any recreational type activity that has the participation of two or more participants, its main tasks being to provide entertainment and funalthough it is not ruled out that many games display in the individual also a educational role. Games usually help to develop the mind and physique and also contribute to the development of practical and psychological skills.

This is why the game is an absolutely necessary activity for human beings, it allows cognitive development and also favors the rapprochement between people.

While, popular games are those games that are closely linked to the activities of the common people and that over the years and generations have been transmitted from father to son. Most of them do not have a specific origin since they were born from man’s need to play, they are spontaneous, creative and highly motivating activities.

Regarding the characteristics that they present, their regulations are usually variable and can easily change from one geographical area to another, they even usually have different names even if they are the same game.

Likewise, it is common for a popular game to have very few rules, to use all kinds of materials without the need for them to be the same specific to the game; everyone will have a specific objective and way of achieving it and a sine qua non condition: fun and more fun.

Many of the popular games over time have become important supports in physical education classes and have really proven to be elementary when it comes to developing physical and motor skills, although they have also proven to be an educational tool in the classroom. of high effect, since in addition to fun they add learning.

One of the most outstanding popular games turns out to be that of the hidden or hiding, it consists of a person who with their eyes covered and looking against the wall must count to a certain number and while doing so, the rest of the participants must run to a nearby place to hide; Whoever counts must find them and each time he does, he will shout free stone for such and such in the place in which he counted. It may happen that whoever is looking for does not run fast enough and is quickly surprised by whoever has discovered and who is the one who shouts his save first, leaving the free stone without effect and saving both him and the rest of the players.