Pen Definition

He pen It is one of the most popular writing instruments that people use to write or also to draw, and which is characterized by having a ink tank and a metal ball at its tip, which, when it comes into contact with the paper, rotates to precisely release the ink gradually, fluently and consistently.

Also know as pen, pen or penthe pen, consists of a metal or plastic tube that is the one that contains the ink inside, in one of its tips is set the small metal ball that regulates the output of the ink towards the paper or the support corresponding.
It should be noted that the ink charge is housed inside the tube, isolated, in order to protect it from possible blows and to spread stains in the place where it is located.

Now, almost all pens have the following parts: the grey hair or body thereof, burden or ink-containing part, ballwhich is the mechanism that rotates and allows the ink to be loaded and finally to make the line on the support and the inkwhich is characterized by being thick and not being soluble in water.

Other elements with which we can find are: the buttonthat a mechanism that facilitates its opening, there are also some that are rotated instead of pressed; the clip, which is an element that allows us to hold the pen in our folder or portfolio; and the toecap which is the lower part of the reed.

The pen is one of the elements that is most mass-produced and therefore its cost is relatively low.

According to the part of the planet in which you find yourself, you will discover that the pen, in the Spanish language, is called in different ways… In Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay it is called pen and pen, since the latter was the name with which they began to be marketed in the early years of the forties. In Puerto and Rico and Panama it is more usual to call them feather; Meanwhile in Chile, Venezuela and Mexico some rather informal denominations are added, such as: pencil paste and pen; and in Portugal and Brazil as caneta.