Orography Definition

Teacher and student of the description of elevations in the terrain

Orography is a discipline within physical geography that deals with the description of the relief, so much so that it is in charge of specifying whether in such or which region there are mountains, among other alternatives. That is to say, basically the orography will be in charge of describing the elevations, such as mountains, that exist in a certain area of ​​our planet.

To carry out its task, it makes use of graphic representation, of cartography more precisely, and this is how we can know for sure the relief that a particular area has and therefore also study it in the subject of geography at school.

A key assistant in the projection of infrastructure and the action of other sectors of the economy

Knowledge of the land is extremely important for any region because the projection of infrastructure plans will depend on it, as well as any other plan that you want to draw up in a region. Because if a piece of land appears naturally in a way that is not suitable for, for example, developing a certain structure on it, it must be discarded and another one must be considered. Or the same thing if you have to project a highway, it will not be the same to do it on a piece of land that has slopes than to do it on another that does not. So, at this point in planning, the work done by the orography is extremely important.

But not only for the development of public and private works, orography is important, there are also other fields and economic sectors that use it to obtain sensitive information about their tasks, such is the case of mining and agriculture, to cite the more common examples.

Allows you to predict the weather

It should be noted that also through the orography of a place we can predict its climate, since it directly influences the intensity of the winds and rains, being abundant in both cases.

a set of mountains

The concept is also used to refer in a general way to the set of elevations, mountains, mountains, that can be seen in a geographical area. When the elevations are prominent, we speak of an important orography, while if there is none, it will be said that the orography of such a place is very poor.