Nutrient Definition

when someone talks about nutriment may be referring to action and the result of nurturing or nurturingAlthough, the word nutriment is not exhausted in this reference and two more meanings are attributed to it…

One of the most used is the one that says that nutrient is the substance that can be found inside foodbut it is not about any substance but about those vitalwhich by ingesting them will allow each process that takes place within our body to be carried out properly.

Meanwhile, nutrients are divided into categories such as: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals and they are not difficult to find at all since they are present in almost all the foods we consume daily, but yes, it is good to identify them so we can have a proportionate diet and consume each nutrient in a proportionate and orderly manner, which, of course , will balance our diet and avoid dangerous excesses.

A good diet should feed and never cause illness, produce satisfaction in those who consume it and also be able to be shared with the rest of the people around us..

For example, yogurt falls into the category of proteins and its incorporation into our daily diet is very good since it is a source of energy to be able to spend the day in the best possible way and with performance, a source of calcium that helps keeping teeth healthy and fortifying bones makes our muscles stronger and its ferments are very useful when it comes to disease prevention.

And the other use of the word is to refer force boosterespecially in that related to morality. His attitude was nourishing for me and what prompted me to continue fighting for justice.