Nursing Assistant Resume: The Complete Guide – Examples-Resume

Create a nursing assistant resume It is quite simple, although of course, you must comply with some relevant aspects. It is not about just sending a document that explains where you studied and what your previous jobs have been. Rather, you should put in your best effort to be objective and accurate.

Currently there is a great need for nursing assistants, much more due to the health crisis. In fact, nursing is one of the careers that plays a key role for the well-being of society. If you think you have what it takes to enter a medical center, don’t miss our advice.

Nursing Assistant Employment Statistics

The number of assistants who work in hospitals in Spain has undergone notable growth over the years. There are more than 125,000 registered professionals in the country (Statista), but the truth is that this workforce It is still not enough to cover the demand.

In Spain there are more than 13,000 medical centers, as indicated by the Diario de Navarra. And each facility does not need just one or two professionals to take care of nursing. Actually, there is a lot of work to be done, and this is where your professional profile will help you stand out.

On the other hand, you will be interested to know that a nursing assistant earns a minimum of 950 euros per month. Even so, the general average is about 1,300 euros at the end of the calendar. Of course, the final remuneration varies depending on the type of medical institution.

Example of a nursing assistant resume

We start with an example template that will help you develop your nursing assistant resume. You will be able to know how a candidate with good aspirations writes a practically perfect document.

Carlos Beltran Gutierrez

Nursing assistant with 5 years of experience

Contact information

1356, Royal, Barcelona

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 555 555 555

Professional profile

Nursing assistant with 5 years of experience in the professional sector. I have worked in different institutions, including hospitals, local centers and residences for the elderly. I have achieved a 98% patient satisfaction rate and have treated over 1,500 people throughout my experience. I work assertively, individually and cooperatively with the nursing staff.

Work experience

nursing assistant

San Jose Clinical Center

January 2018 – June 2021

Personalized patient care.
Open communication with family members.
Collaboration with all departments of the institution.
Administration and application of treatments.

Key achievements

95% satisfaction rate of relatives and patients.
More than 500 users served.

Academic training

Intermediate degree in nursing

Technical Institute of Barcelona

October 2016 – June 2018


Friendly and cordial treatment.
Assertive communication.
Personnel management.

Microsoft Office Excel.


Additional data

Immediate availability.
Able to work 12 hour shifts.
Possibility to work on holidays.

Surely this nursing assistant would make the stay of the patients much more enjoyable. If you want to know the keys to success of this curriculumHere we are going to break them down one by one:

What format is best suited for this resume?

Before you start writing, you must make a key decision: what kind of format are you going to use . There are different types of resumes that adapt to each situation.

Among those that will make you stand out in the personnel selection process are the following: 👇

reverse chronological order. It is the appropriate format if you have extensive experience and a solid professional career. Explain in descending order your most recent responsibilities and accomplishments.
functional resume. It focuses on your most important skills and aptitudes, which are essential for nursing. This model is practical for inexperienced candidates.
mixed resume. It combines the best of the two previous formats, since it focuses on what you consider most impressive. There are several ways to structure it and it works for different profiles.

💡Before further: You can visit our article on how to write a perfect resume. Here we give you specific details to create a document that stands out for any type of career.

How to write the title and initial information

This section is quite short, but it is still important that you pay attention to it. You just have to write the following:

An attractive title. Full name and surname. Contact information.

It is also relevant that you enter an address to know the distance from your home to the place of work.

Here’s a simple example:

Maria Jose Contreras

Assistant nurse with 10 years of experience

Contact information

2333, Sino, Madrid

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 555 555 555

Linkedin: /mjc123

📌tips: Although it is not mandatory, it is appropriate that you place a link to your social networks, if you have them. Among them, the most relevant of all is LinkedIn, since it is designed for professionals.

How to write a successful professional summary

We come to one of the key sections and one of those that have the greatest weight in a nursing assistant resume. This little excerpt narrates the best of you and explain in a few words why you are the ideal candidate . Although there is no specific protocol for writing this section, there are some very timely suggestions:

Make a short extract that does not exceed 5 or 6 lines. Focus not simply on giving information, but on valuable data. If possible, mention some accomplishments.

So that you understand it better, we leave for you a couple of example templates that will help you:


I have a lot of experience as an auxiliary nurse and clinical care, I have worked in a hospital and in an emergency department doing all kinds of nursing assistant tasks. Kindness and good treatment of patients, I believe that affection is essential for the recovery and care of the seriously injured. I am good at mobilizing patients and I do not suffer rejection problems when I see very spectacular injuries.

Good intentions are not lacking in the candidate, but that is not enough to be a solid worker. This description does not show relevant data about their responsibilities and to make matters worse it is redundant. As if that were not enough, although it is not bad to mention them discreetly, this is not the section to delve into skills.

But let’s give it another try to see how it does it:


Nursing assistant with 10 years of experience, exercising my skills in public and private hospitals. I specialize in the emergency service and the application of emergency treatments. I provide a friendly and cordial treatment to patients, obtaining a satisfaction rate of 92% of the users of the medical centers where I have worked.

It is the same professional, but with a much more effective explanation of his profile. Undoubtedly, recruiters will see the candidate with much better eyes if he makes a summary like this.

Professional objective

Let’s think about another situation: you are starting out in the professional world. If this is your case, you will not have experience, responsibilities or quantifiable data to add to your summary. And this is where the professional objective does its job.

The purpose of this excerpt is exactly the same: make yourself known as a good candidate . The difference is that instead of focusing on your career, it focuses on your skills and abilities.

Here’s a good example:


Nursing assistant recently graduated with competencies in the administration of treatments. I obtained the best average in my class with an average grade of 9.2 points and I participated as an assistant in the health center of the University of Madrid. I want to expand my knowledge and skills, while at the same time helping to take care of the well-being of patients. I hope that my participation in the Central Hospital of Madrid will increase the performance of the staff and enhance my career.

Professional experience: the most impressive in the CV

Let’s face it, we would all like to receive attention from someone who knows what they are doing, and therefore experience is vital. Therefore, becomes one of the sections with the greatest weight in the curriculum vitae of nursing assistant.

Now, it’s not just about explaining jobs left and right. In fact, more amounts of employment are not synonymous with a better professional profile. Rather, you should highlight the key aspects of your previous jobs to show recruiters that you have what it takes to be a good employee.

How to achieve it? Follow this basic structure:

Job title. Institution where you worked. Start and end date. List with 5 or 6 points of achievements and responsibilities.

Watch how this candidate does it:


personal nursing assistant

Amor Bilbao residential center

June 2018 – Present

Personalized patient care daily.
Cleaning of equipment and material.
Distribution of food to patients.
Application of oral and intravenous treatments.

Key achievements

Satisfaction rate of 95%.
Attention to more than 30 patients a day.

A very good narration of his experience that explains everything required for the recruiter to know how he has performed. The opposite would happen if you wrote this section as follows:


personal nursing assistant

Amor Bilbao residential center

June 2018 – Present

Do you notice the difference? It is the same position, the same place and the same date, but it is not known how he has performed in his job. Do not forget: achievements and responsibilities are key .

🎁Remember: If you do not have a career as a nursing assistant, do not forget to include your professional practices. You practically perform the same tasks as if you had a contract in a medical institution.

Academic training: Is it necessary in the curriculum?

If the experience conveys good feelings in a professional, their academic training is what it will earn you the trust of recruiters. And it is that you cannot aspire to a job for which you are not prepared. However, the education section also does not require an explicit demonstration of all the details.

It is enough to describe the institution where you studied, the title obtained and the start and completion dates. However, in case of being an inexperienced candidateuse the list of key achievements, not in the trajectory section, but in the section of your training.

Be that as it may, in most cases you will only have to do it as in the following example:

Medium Degree in Nursing

Vizcaya Technical Institute

September 2018 – June 2020

Nursing Assistant Resume Skills

Now that you have the most important sections ready, we arrive at one of the key sections in the CV: the abilities. It is that he can be a great professional, with years of experience and a solid education. No…