Note Definition

The word note has three meanings widely used and recognized by most people.

On the one hand, by note, is known that note that groups a set of written characters or drawings with substantial information and of great importance to the person who writes them and whose primary purpose is to be able to remember or review them later or when necessary.

Basically, a note, on some occasions, can assume the role of a kind of memory aid that will serve, for example, at the instance of a speech, noting in it the salient themes to be developed in it. Also, the note is usually a fundamental tool for those people who develop an artistic activity such as being a writer or a screenwriter, since it is usually used in the preliminary instances of the work, or when it is not being written and more. Well, something else is being done, but some question or unavoidable idea related to it arises, then, that idea will be written down in a note to later add it to the work.

A note can be carried on any type of paper, indeed, many times, we tend to grab the paper that is closest to hand, however, there are specialized stationery products designed strictly for this purpose. Even today and as a consequence of the imprint that some electronic media have in our lives, such as cell phones and computers, notes are usually carried in their memories and through specialized options and programs in the need of editing and organization. of notes.

On the other hand, In the context of music, a note refers to that sound determined by a vibration and whose fundamental frequency is constant.. The names of the musical notes are the following: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and Si and their origin goes back many centuries, finding it in the poem Ut queant Laxis by the Friulian Benedictine monk Paul the deacon. The first two words of each row of this poem correspond to the mentioned notes.

And finally, in some parts of the world, The word note is also used to refer to those journalistic articles that may or may not be prepared by a media professional, that are published or disseminated by the mass media and that refer to a current issue or that account for news. some topic that is of interest to the majority of the public but does not refer to something strictly current.