Nanny resume: How to do it from scratch? – CV Sample

Take advantage of the current situation to get the job you need. Currently, Most of the schools and institutes have been canceled and there is a huge need for this service so that parents can maintain their working life. Therefore, it is the ideal time to present your nanny resume.

Therefore, today we will talk about how to create the nanny resume perfect from scratch.

What is the best format for a nanny CV?

First, think about the structure of your resume, express the most important information clearly direct and honest.

Remember that there are several types of format to create a resume: chronologicalwhere you highlight work experience at the top. Functionalwhere you highlight your most important skills and hybrida mixture of both, where you guide each resume to a specific position.

In the case of the nanny resume, you must opt for a hybrid format Oriented to convey honesty and trust, absolutely essential skills as a babysitter.

Note: create a suitable resume. PThink that you are going to work with children and their parents want someone professional but with empathy for the little ones in the house. Think of something colorful, pretty, and attention-grabbing.

Start with a good photo as your cover letter

At the top, add your best photo with a big smile that shows empathy and assertiveness. Our smile is the best weapon to stand out as a nanny and demonstrate that we are open to a cordial relationship. To get a babysitting job, it is important that you highlight your profile as a person open, friendly and professional.

The smile creates a special climate that predisposes to a good understanding, to generate a relaxed and trusting climate. Take the test: imagine that you want to hire someone to take care of your children, select random photos on the internet and you will see that people who smile will give you a feeling of confidence and well-being in your new babysitter.

Once you’ve chosen your best photo, create a professional summary highlighting your experience as a babysitter followed by your most important skills. This will make parents do a quick review of your candidacy, and you can make yourself known in a few seconds with this cover letter, thus having more chances of getting the job.

Create an effective professional resume

Punctuate the why you are the ideal choice for child care. Highlight above all your best points and do it in a natural way, teaching is highly valued and, especially, passion for children. After all, this is a job that cannot be done effectively without a predisposition towards your main objective. “Making children happy, safe and healthy” That’s what you should convey on your babysitting resume.

Note:The driver’s license can be something remarkable, it is not necessary to put yourself in the worst situation, but the parents will always be calm knowing that you can go to the hospital if necessary.

It is also important to highlight the knowledge of first aid, if possessed, and all sorts of culinary knowledge. It is very good that parents know that you can cook without any problem, if required.

Describe yourself in a way simple and direct. An example of this section of the resume would be:


I studied education and child care. Am responsiblehonest and punctual. Have enormous gifts for children and I like to educate with love and patience, I can also work on weekends.” I have great passion for education and child development, being one of my priorities In life, taking care of children, being a babysitter is what I like to do the most and your family will not regret having me.

You should not use long or filler sentences: honesty is based on simplicity. Avoid annoying or unimportant content; It is very important to relate your babysitting resume to the activity you want to develop. Describe yourself simply and directly.

Describe your work experience as a nanny

It’s essential highlight experience on your babysitting resume, as it will create a sense of immediate confidence with parents.

It will help to use references past, opinions of other parents that can support your previous results in child care.

If you do not have experience as a babysitter, it is important to highlight all those qualities that make you the ideal babysitter, pointing out, above all, that you can resolve any adverse situation that is presented to you

In these cases, highlight the best points of your candidacy and why they should trust you to give you a chance:


I am María, I am 19 years old and I would love to take care of your children, I have a great passion for children and I am prepared to learn and develop in this sector in the best possible way, you can trust that there will not be any kind of problem, I study at the university from Monday to Friday, I usually take care of my 3 year old brother, my goal is to be a great educator one day.

If you are inexperienced, highlight the best points of your candidacy and why they should trust you to give you a chance:

Now, let’s see what an experienced babysitter’s summary would look like. Imagine that you are looking for a caregiver and you read the following resume example:

I have experience caring for children from 3-6 years old. Since my teens I have taken care of my little sisters, cousins ​​and nephews. 4 years ago I finished my education and started professionally to be an educator and nanny, I have never had a bad review and I have the reference of people with whom I have worked available, if required. I have a driver’s license and I know first aid, I love being a babysitter and I am available from Monday to Friday and some weekends. Childcare is the ideal job for me.

Wouldn’t you like me to be your babysitter?:

Leave space to detail your educational background on your babysitting resume.

It is important to note that you have the proper training for childcare or at least that we are in the process of learning and training, as well as our skills. The function that a nanny fulfills is, without a doubt, more than something simple. Therefore, showing that you have academic knowledge about it can be a great incentive and a great motivation for parents to trust you.

The fact of having taken courses or even having participated in summer camps as a monitor can demonstrate knowledge of games, activities and other types of resources to entertain children.

For example:

Studied education At the University of Madrid, with more than 200 hours of practice with children of all ages, my studies have always been oriented towards good development and education, I can also teach languages ​​and help with homework.

Note: Knowledge of languages ​​is also a strong point when it comes to standing out from other candidates.

Includes the right babysitting job oriented skills

Highlight your best childcare skills and create the perfect resume. Do not forget to write what best defines you and add anything that is relevant and that relates to this job. For example:

Punctuality Flexibility Assertive communication Knowledge>of first aid Resolution capacity Responsibilities Love for children Huge imagination and empathy Knowledge of games and activities Adaptability Patience Conflict resolution

Select only your best skills and make them stand out in the profile of your nanny resume. This way you will define yourself before the parents quickly and easily.


Let’s briefly review the most important features What your babysitting resume should have:

Highlight your best smile. Use a dynamic and cheerful photo, where you can see that you are a person who can be trusted.
Create an effective professional resume. Be direct, honest and highlight the points or skills that make you the ideal babysitter
Describe your professional experience as a nanny. It is important to highlight that we have already had previous experience and remember. If you have no experience, highlight your motivations. And don’t forget that including references is always very positive.
Leave space to detail your education. Highlight the training and any extra courses or activities related to young children that you have. First aid, children’s animation, children’s education, child psychology, summer camps, etc.
Includes the right skills. Remember to select the best possible skills related to childcare.

Once you have outlined and detailed your resume, we will be ready to start with the job search , we just have to find a job offer that suits your schedule and needs. Good luck!