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Pampering is an essential ingredient of personal self-esteem since every human being needs affection to nourish his soul through the recognition of others. The pampering that parents give their baby through gestures of affection, caresses and hugs elevate the child’s spirits and are as important emotional nourishment as the food that enhances the child’s physical growth.

Pampering is also very important for the elderly, people who are in the last stage of their lives and whose social lives tend to be smaller. For this reason, pampering brings recognition, offers love to whoever receives it. Regardless of age and circumstances, anyone needs to receive affection, in fact, this is one of the most important emotional needs of the human soul. A person who has few quality social relationships feels lonely.

gestures of affection

Pampering is also very positive in the relationship as in love small details are also very important. Kisses, caresses, unexpected notes with a message of love, a romantic WhatsApp, a special detail on an unexpected day, a word of encouragement, a knowing look… are details that are sometimes neglected due to the weight of routine in life. couple.

Maintaining spaces of intimacy and taking care of small details of affection are important because no matter how much a person feels loved by their partner at the beginning of the relationship, this feeling does not last forever if love is not fed with small gestures.

Pampering is a form of communication through which to express affection, they improve the relationship as a couple but they also strengthen the health and personal resilience of truly happy couples who know they have each other’s support.

pamper yourself

But pampering is not only those gestures of affection that one person can offer to another. You can also pamper yourself by making life pleasant with simple details that add significant value to your routine. Enjoying your favorite dessert can be a way to pamper yourself and give yourself a special treat. They strengthen rest, elevate the sense of humor and reduce stress.