Membership Definition

1. Affiliation is the decision to join a certain organization, that is, to be a member with the right to participate in its activities.

Etymology: By the Latin forms affiliate, affiliationiswhose original meaning is framed in the process of adopting a minor or in terms of protecting, watching over someone, based on the verb affiliatewhich is rooted in filiuswhich refers precisely to ‘son’.

Grammatical category: noun fem.
in syllables: membership.


It is known as membership to that procedure through which a person joins a corporation, an institution, a political party, a social work, a union, among others, as an integral part of italso generating a record of the aforementioned membership.

Procedure by which a person becomes part of an institution or corporation and will enjoy rights as such and will also assume obligations

Meanwhile, the person who enters the corporation is popularly referred to as affiliate and as such, it will assume a series of rights and obligations for being part of it.
Juan processed his affiliation to the union after the union prevented his dismissal and that of 30 other colleagues”.

Always, the affiliation will imply a series of reciprocal rights and duties between the member on the one hand and between the institution in question on the other.

Affiliation to unions, political parties, social works

Generally, the concept of affiliation is associated with joining a union, a social work, or a political party, although the process can occur in other areas and institutions, for example academics.

Those individuals who are affiliated with a social work will have the right to the medical care provided by the same, surgical, dental, emergency practices, among others, but as a counterpart they must pay a monthly fee, and in some situations they must even undergo to various controls that make it possible to determine the membership and legitimacy to access the benefits that are requested.

The affiliation to the social work can be direct, that is, the affiliate decides to join that social work and pays a monthly fee to receive medical attention when needed, or it can be mandatory due to their employment situation, that is, the job offers this social work and you will not have to pay anything extra for the services they provide.
Likewise, in the case of affiliates with family, wife and children, they can also join and enjoy the benefits.

On the other hand, the members of a union will benefit from all those achievements that the leadership achieves before the state: salary increase, decrease in working hours, among others, and in return they must pay a small sum to keep the union running and also participate in all those calls that the union proposes: mobilizations, strikes, among others.

This type of affiliation cannot be compulsory, that is, workers can choose to join or not, or failing to withdraw when they consider it necessary, although we know that in practice this situation is not very common and if it does happen it is certainly conflictive. Because in almost all parts of the world, union groups are structured under a strong authority, which usually proposes shock measures, especially when things do not go as they want and then they lower a hard line to their affiliates that they must respect rajatabla.
And that is why we said that sometimes it is difficult and risky to go against that established status quo.

And it is also common for the unions of a country to affiliate with others at an international level.

another kind of very common affiliation is politics, which of course also presents benefits and duties; In the first case, the member of a political party will have the chance to be a candidate for a position for the party to which he belongs, while his duties include voting in the group’s internal elections; For example, before a presidential election is imminent, members will decide in an internal election who they want to be the candidate that represents them. Several alternatives can be presented and the one that gets the most votes, as in any election, will be the one that will represent the party in the general election.

Meanwhile, and as we have already mentioned, the member is the person who associates with others to form a specific society or organization, political party, social work, union, among others, who precisely require an affiliation to be able to integrate it and be beneficiaries of what she provides.

As soon as the affiliate begins to participate in it, they will have to fulfill a series of duties, in addition to enjoying the rights.

Likewise, you will be required to meet certain requirements, age, a monthly payment to participate in it, among others.