Medical CV: examples and tips – CV Sample

If you want to increase the chances of being hired in the job offer, a doctor resume cash is essential.

Approximately, there are only 13 doctors for every 10,000 individuals throughout the planet. Not everyone is prepared to meet the medical needs of others. For this reason, you have to present yourself as one of the best candidates for the job position.

Physician resume example

irene martinez

Medical specialist in aesthetic dermatology

Contact information


General Pardinas Street, Madrid, Spain


[email protected]


000 000 000

Professional profile

Medical doctor with 8 years of experience and a master’s degree in aesthetic dermatology. In recent years I have offered specialized dermatology treatments and have performed laser dermatology procedures. In order to offer an adequate treatment to the skin of each patient, I studied each case very well. I have experience in the treatment of acne, lymphomas and dermatitis.



DermoSalud Dermatological Clinic, Madrid, Spain

November 2019 – Present

I did 12 wrinkle treatments with hyaluronic acid.
I did 8 therapeutic treatments with picosecond laser and Neodymium-YAG.
I treated 5 cases of rosacea, 9 of dermatitis and 2 of lymphomas.
I directed 25 dermatological surgeries.

assistant in dermatology

Special Family Clinic, Madrid, Spain

July 2016 – October 2019

I participated in 4 facial tightening with micro focused ultrasound.
I attended 12 laser spot removal procedures.
I followed up on patients with acne treatments.
Developed and implemented a system that reduced the time spent searching for patient records by 40%.

general practitioner

Hospital de la Princesa, Madrid, Spain

April 2014 – June 2016

I attended an average of 30 medical emergencies each week.
I treated 25 fractures in arms and legs.
I evaluated the clinical pictures of the patients.


Master in aesthetic dermatology

University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain

March 2015 – February 2016

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

September 2007 – July 2013

Professional skills

Frustration management.
Efficient realization of teleconsultations.
Dermatological surgery.
Ability to perform aesthetic procedures.
Local anesthesia.
Oral and written communication.
Efficient interpretation of histopathological findings in skin biopsies.

Additional Information

English (B2).
Participation in the X National Congress of Occupational Health.

Sample resume for a newly graduated doctor

All medical students must take clinical residencesIf you are a recent graduate, add the internship period to your Curriculum vitae of doctor. Below, you will find an example of this type of CV 👇

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Doctor with experience in emergency care

Contact information


Santander street, Barcelona, ​​Spain


[email protected]


000 000 000

Professional profile

Physician with experience in emergency care and medical evaluations of children and adults. In my residency at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona I worked in the emergency area and I worked on the hospitalization floor. During the residency I was characterized by showing empathy when talking to patients and their families.


Resident doctor

Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ​​Spain

November 2018 – February 2021

I participated in the care of an average of 10 daily emergencies.
I was one of the participants in 1 neurological operation.
I carried out the valuation of 30 operations.
I fulfilled 5 monthly shifts of 24 continuous hours in the emergency area and in the hospitalization area.
I demonstrated efficiency in determining which tests to perform on patients taking into account symptoms and clinical history.


Graduate in medicine and surgery

University of Barcelona

September 2014 – July 2021

Professional skills

Efficient treatment with the patient.
Drug prescription.
Recommendation of the appropriate exams.
Decision making in stressful situations.
Performing surgical procedures.

Additional Information

Certificate in Addressing Gender Violence in the Health Environment.

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How to make a medical resume?

For the doctor’s CV to stand out and motivate the recruiter to read it, it is necessary that it have a clean, neat and professional appearance. If you want to make a good impression with this document, choose a Physician resume template that’s simple, yet elegant.

Once you select a professional resume template, don’t forget to take care of the content and writing styleour tips are: 👇

Use formal language. Tailor your resume to the medical position you are applying for. The CV must be easy to read, for this, use an appropriate font and size. Do not overdo the information you add, be clear and concise.

In addition to appearance and content, you must choose very well the format and structure.

“What are the most recommended for the resume for a doctor?”

What format should you choose?

The best format for a Curriculum vitae of doctor is the reverse chronological order. Its purpose is to show your most recent works and studies, followed by the oldest. In this way, employers will be able to see your latest performances, which would be the most outstanding.

Apart from the reverse chronology, it is necessary that the resume meets the following aspects 👇

Almost always, the doctor’s CV can be longer than other presentation documents. You can use from 2 to 4 pages if you consider it convenient to prove your skills. The appropriate paper size is A4. Use 1-inch margins. Use a line spacing of 1.5 points to make reading more enjoyable. Choose a typeface that is readable, elegant, and distinctive.

On the other hand, although you can extend the description of your studies and work, do not overload the document. Leave enough blank spaces in each section so that the information is easy to read and does not tire the eyes.

Structure of a medical resume: What sections to include?

Organization and order are fundamental aspects for the doctor’s CV to be attractive and motivate hiring. In fact, the neatness in writing and the structure of a document make you look like a professional, regardless of the job position you aspire to.

On a resume to apply for a job as a health specialist you must include the following sections 👇

Contact details and title. Professional profile. Professional experience. Academic training. Professional skills. Additional information, it includes courses, congresses, languages ​​and more.

Start with your personal information and a suitable title

If you visit a doctor to attend to a health problem, you will surely want to know who is going to treat you. The same happens when making a contract: recruiters want to get to know candidates to find out why they aspire to get the job.

In the personal information section, we suggest you include the following 👇

Full name. Title that describes you in a professional sense. Contact details, such as address, email and contact number.

Now, although it is a personal choice, it is not mandatory to place a photo in the document. After all, the choice of a doctor is made based on their skills, references and experience, not their physical appearance. On the other hand, It does not hurt to add social networks and a website if you have it.

As for the title, this is written on the line below your full name. This relevant part of your medical CV is made up of a line that includes the name of your profession and an experience or specialty that is attractive to the recruiter.

Example of the header of your medical CV

It is the simplest section of a doctor’s resume and it would look like the following 👇

Carlos Suarez Villalta

Surgeon with experience in pediatric operations

Contact information

Address: Calle Buñol, Valencia, Spain

Email:[email protected]

Phone: 000 000 000

Continue with your professional summary

Although writing a professional summary is not as simple, it is also not more complicated than having open heart surgery. Before writing such an abstract, you must determine if you need a profile or an objective.

The professional profile is recommended for those candidates who have worked for more than two years in the health field. Here you can highlight your quantifiable achievements, most important skills and what you plan to contribute to the clinical or hospital institution.

Instead, if you don’t have a lot of experience, a career goal is a good idea. This one is similar to the previous one, with the distinction that you will not talk about your work achievements. Rather, you will refer to all your capabilities that will enable you to achieve those goalsboth personal and collective for the hospital or clinic.

Good example of professional and work summary


I am a psychiatrist with more than 10 years of experience in mental diagnosis and treatment. I have obtained an improvement in 90% of my patients, who have given a new direction to their lives. I work with dedication, responsibility and a lot of empathy to understand those who request my help. I wish to replicate the results in the psychiatry department of the Central Hospital.

It’s a very good introduction. simple, but perfectly fulfills the purpose. This doctor of psychiatry is including his experience, effectiveness and qualities in a single paragraph.

How not to make the professional summary?


My name is Juan Castellanos and I am a psychiatrist. I want to work in the institution to treat patients of all kinds and care for their illnesses. He won’t regret having me on his team./your_box]

This presentation is too informal, uninformative and even a bit derogatory towards the patients. Without a doubt, the candidate would be completely ruled out.

Describe your professional experience in the health area

The work experience of professionals is a factor that directly influences the selection of personnel. It works like a medical history, since it indicates important information about the past, not of the patient, but of the candidate. An optimal wording of this section would include the following 👇

Your most recent position at the beginning of the section. The title of the position, name of the institution, date of work and, if possible, the name of the boss. Between 4 and 5 bullets to describe the achievements in each job position. Action verbs to start sentences, since they transmit dynamism.

Do not forget that the doctor must be able to change the lives of his patients for the better, and that is what…