Meaning of Where the captain commands, the sailor does not command (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Where the captain rules, the sailor does not rule:

“Where a captain rules, a sailor does not rule” it’s a popular saying that refers to situations in which a subordinate attempts to override the authority of his boss without success, without effect.

It is a saying that refers to the marine environment, where the captain is the highest authority, while the sailor is the lowest ranking person.

In this sense, it is a saying that conveys the idea that the decisions and orders of the people on whom authority rests must be followedor, in other words, that within the functioning of an organization it is essential to respect hierarchical positions.

Thus, no matter how good or valid the subordinate’s initiative is, the criteria of the boss must always prevail, who is the one who has the power to command and enforce orders.

The subordinate usually remembers the saying to recognize his social category, while the boss generally uses it so that the subordinate does not forget his status.

It is a saying applied to situations where a person tries to impose his will over that of the boss; or in which he wants to give his opinion, criticize, question or ignore the decisions of his superior.

Because it is widely used, sometimes it is even enough to quote the first part to suggest the idea: “Where captain rules…”

Other variants of this saying are, for their part, “Where he sends captains he does not rule sailors”either “Where there is a boss, do not send a sailor”.

In Englishthe saying “where a captain rules, a sailor does not rule” can be translated as “one master in a house is enough“, which would literally translate ‘one man in one house is enough’.

Another English variant of this saying would be: “where a captain rules, a sailor has no sway”, ‘where the captain commands, the sailor has no influence’.

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