Meaning of We were few and the grandmother gave birth (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is it? We were few and the grandmother gave birth:

“We were few and the grandmother gave birth” is an expression that is used in those situations in which something bad happens and things get worse unexpectedly. In another sense, It is also used to indicate when there are many people in a place and more arrive unexpectedly.

This is a popular and sarcastic expression that refers to and emphasizes the idea that something that was bad becomes even more serious, becoming a complex or uncomfortable event.

That is to say, It is a phrase that expresses the complete opposite of what it says. Hence it can be related to the idea of ​​excess, detriment, damage or disadvantage.

The beginning of the phrase is sarcastic and ironic “we were few”, in order to refer to the fact that there are many problems or there are many people. The situation worsens when “grandma stops,” which indicates that another complication or a greater number of people must be added. That is, something new appears that was not expected.

In addition, the phrase also reflects surprise because it makes it clear that something happened that was not expected and that generated commotion among those involved.

For example, you go out with your group of friends on a trip and the car they are traveling in breaks down halfway, to aggravate the situation, you realize that it is going to get dark and that your mobile phone has poor signal reception, at that moment of tension and anguish you say; “We were few and the grandmother gave birth.”

Another example in which the use of this phrase is appropriate is when a group of people gather in a small space to celebrate and suddenly more people arrive who were not counted on and the space becomes insufficient for everyone: “we were few, and the grandmother gave birth.”

It is worth mentioning that this is an informal phrase and is generally used in less formal situations and between trusted people such as family or friends. It is not a phrase that implies an insult or offense if applied in the appropriate context.

“We were few and the grandmother gave birth” despite being a popular expression and of uncertain origin, it has few variants, among them, “We were few and my grandmother gave birth”, “We were few and the donkey gave birth”, “We were few and she gave birth the cat”, “We can’t fit into the fire, and my grandmother gave birth”.

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