Meaning of Ulterior (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Ulterior:

Ulterior is an adjective used to describe something that is situated beyond in relation to a site or territory; either that occupies the next place in a series or chaineither that is said, happens or performed after something. The word comes from Latin subsequent, ulterioris.

Thus, for example, we will designate a place as further when it is located beyond with respect to anotheras the Romans named the Hispania that was further west of the Iberian Peninsula (divided into two for purposes): Hispania Ulterior.

Considered in the timeline, it is considered subsequent to any action that is done or executed after. For example: Later incidents confirmed our suspicions.

Although it is not a term that is often used in informal conversations in everyday life, it is a frequently used word in the field of rightsuch as: further appeal, further divorce, further deliberation, further action, or subsequent consortium litigationexpression, the latter, used to describe the set of people who participate in one or both sides of a lawsuit or judicial process.

Synonyms of ulterior They would be: subsequent, subsequent, subsequent, successive, consecutive, coming, beyond or far away. Antonyms It would be: anterior or posterior.

In Englishlater can be translated as later, subsequent, subsequent. For example: “Socrates‘trial and subsequent death penalty were legally just” (Socrates’ trial and subsequent death sentence were legally just).

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