Meaning of To the bread, bread, and to the wine, wine

What is To bread, bread, and to wine, wine:

To the bread, bread, and to the wine, wine is a popular saying that invokes candor and the need to speak clearly about things. It is used to require people to speak directly and bluntly in order to shed light on the issues being discussed or the information requested.

The saying can be broken down as follows: bread should be called bread and wine should be called wine. This means that each thing is called by its name.

In this sense, this popular saying, widely used by others, highlights the value of frankness of speech and courage. It has, in a sense, a practical purpose. The longer a person takes to address things by name and with openness, the more difficult the situations that develop will be.

The saying has some variants. For example, in some societies they add certain words: “Say bread to bread and wine to wine.” It is also often said “To the bread, bread, to the wine, wine, and to the gazpacho with cucumber.” Another variation of this expression is: “Bread for bread, wine for wine.”

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