Meaning of Schedule

What is Schedule:

A schedule is the graphic representation of a set of tasks, activities or events ordered in time.

As such, the schedules They are a project management toolsince they allow us to plan, depending on time and objectives, all the activities that we need to carry out to complete a job.

In the schedule, each of the tasks is defined and detailed, step by step, as well as the time that must be dedicated to each of them (start date, end date) or the period within which they should be carried out.

The objective of the schedule is the planning and control of a set of tasks or activities over time.which also allows you to maximize the use of time and increase productivity

In the field of scientific investigationschedules are important tools for project planning, as they allow establishing and defining the succession of activities that must be carried out to complete the study.

See also Planning.

At a managerial and administrative levelschedules make it possible to determine the resources required to carry out a project and its costs (time, personnel, materials, etc.), and, based on this, analyze its feasibility and control its completion.

In addition, in the business field Schedules allow you to schedule activities, schedule meetings, define dates and establish payment days, etc.

See also Agenda.

Schedules are generally presented in a table that can be found in a printed document or in a special digital application for this purpose.

The word schedule, as such, is formed with the prefix chrono-which means ‘time’, and the suffix -gramawhich comes from the Greek γράμμα (grámma), and translates ‘letter’, ‘written’.