Meaning of Sacred (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Sacred:

The sacred term is a qualifying adjective that designates everything that is consecrated to a cult, divinity or that is related to some religion and its mysteries. The word sacred is of Latin origin sacratusParticiple of the verb sacrare

Sacred may refer to that which received consecration or that completed the ceremonies of consecration, such as: the priests who represent them, objects and places of worship. In the religious sphere, we can mention different elements that are identified as sacred, such as the sacred book that each religion tells: for Catholics the Bible, the Koran in Islam, as well as the sacred oil or sacred host, etc.

It is no less true that the term sacred is mainly related to the religious sphere, however it can be used in other social contexts. Sacred is also defined as person, thing or situation deserving of exceptional respect, devotion and admiration, so its transgression, disrespect or damage is unacceptable.

In consideration of the above, it can be concluded that each individual in his or her personal life determines certain people, customs, situations and/or things as sacred, such as: “for all parents, their children are the most sacred,” “ For my friend, his ancestors are sacred”, “the values ​​of my company are sacred”, “my cell phone is sacred”.

Can also be used as asylum or safe place that allows the individual to protect themselves from danger. “My cousin took refuge in the sacred after suffering persecution.”

In a figurative sense, the term can be extended to what must be kept for its use or destiny, as worthy of veneration and respect. Likewise, in a figurative sense, it is related to a supernatural force, of noble and vehement feelings“sacred love for my children.”

Finally, Synonyms of sacred are: sanctified, consecrated, venerable, respectable and sacred, this last term being widely used to identify everything that is sacred. Likewise, the expression sacred artidentify works that encompass religious manifestations shared in different religions or practices, for example: Catholic sacred art, Buddhist sacred art, Muslim sacred art, etc.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the devotion or cult of the great love that God feels for each individual. As such, devotion to the Sacred Heart focuses on the feelings of Jesus and love for humanity. However, the transmission of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the product of the appearance of Jesus to Saint Margaret of Alacoque who expressed to him:

“Look at this heart of mine, which despite being consumed by burning love for men, receives nothing from Christians other than sacrilege, contempt, indifference and ingratitude, even in the same sacrament of my love. But what pierces my Heart more heartbreakingly, I receive these insults from people dedicated especially to my service.”

That is why, in order to obtain the blessings poured out by the Lord Jesus Christ and his peace in the home, personal and spiritual life, families must have the intention of honoring and glorifying the Sacred Heart, as well as receiving Holy Communion as an act of repentance. for offenses committed against others.

In most countries, there are Catholic churches with chapels dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Sacred and profane

Profane is what is antagonistic to the sacred, it means everything that transgresses or disrespects divine things. Grammatically, it is an adjective that qualifies the person as an offender of sacred rules and the abusive use of impure and unworthy practices.

See also on Profane.

The Bible cites the word profane in various books and chapters, such as in the case of the prophetic book Ezekiel (44:23): “They will teach my people to discern between the sacred and the profane, and they will make them know how to distinguish between the unclean and the profane.” I clean it”.

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