Meaning of Outrage (What it is, Concept and Definition)

What is Outrage:

Outrage is hurt or offend by deed or word. Also, outrage is treating a person with contempt or insults. The word outrage comes from the Latin ““ultraticum”It derives from “ultra” what does it mean “beyond”.

In reference to the above, it can be deduced that The term outrage is the limit of what is permitted or permissible, that is, it is going beyond the rules, principles and laws that govern a society, however, the term outrage can be verbal, the case of human beings when they do not talk but shout and insult each other, managing to say things that are in against the person’s morals and, in many cases, defame the good reputation of the other individual; Sexually, for example, the case of rape, or physically, in this area it can be observed every day with the increase in cases of physical aggression towards women by their partners.

In addition, outrage is synonymous with contempt for public authorities in the exercise of their functions.

However, the term outrageous is an adjective that describes a person who insults, offends or attacks the dignity of another person. The outrageous person is characterized by his offensive, defamatory and attacking language against the moral principles of the other individual, for example: “she was surprised by her speech being so outrageous.”

The word outrage can be used as a synonym for: affront, insult, insult, offend, among others.. Likewise, some antonyms of the word outrage are: applaud, praise, approve, celebrate, etc.

The term outrage translated into the English language is “outrage”.

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