Meaning of New Broom Sweeps Well

The popular saying “a new broom sweeps right” means that whenever an object, situation, or person is “new” in someone’s life, it performs its function perfectly and seems to surpass previous experiences.

Both objects and human relationships are subject to wear and tear, something that is captured by popular wisdom through this saying.

As long as an experience is novel, everything looks efficient, fresh or positive. Therefore, the proverb expresses a relationship between profit and wear. The less wear, the greater the benefit.

The saying applies to many situations. When a person exchanges an old item for a new one, they will feel rewarded for their efficiency and will value it above the previous one. For example, when you change your mobile phone or get new pairs of pants.

The same thing happens, metaphorically, with human relationships and certain social situations. When a person starts a new relationship, everything points to a good prognosis.

This use or meaning is close, although not identical, to the meaning of another very popular saying that says: “When there are new saints, the old ones do not perform miracles“.

The saying “a new broom sweeps well” is sometimes used to compare a similar previous experience and point to the irony of those who have not realized that, sooner or later, wear and tear will be felt.

A variant The saying goes: “With a new broom, you sweep well.” Likewise, they are known sayings with equivalent or similar meaningsuch as “Everything new pleases, even if it is against reason”, “New sieve, three days on the stake” and “The new jug makes water good.”

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