Meaning of Magnolia

What is Magnolia:

Magnolia is a tree plant of the family Magnoliaceae from which a flower of the same name sprouts. Magnolias are native to the southeastern United States, Central America, South America, and Asia. It is also known as magnolia.

Magnolias were discovered on a missionary expedition in 1980 in the United States. However, they were described for the first time by the French botanist Pierre Magnol, director of the Garden of Plants in Montpellier, France, between 1697 and 1709, hence the name of the tree and its flower as magnolia.

There are about 120 species of plants that belong to the family of MagnoliaceaeTherefore, a great diversity of subgenera can be found, all with the name magnolias but with a second name that distinguishes their genus.

Various studies have determined that magnolias are very ancient plants; fossilized species from approximately 20 million years ago have even been found, as well as plants from this same tree family that are about 95 million years old.

Among the best-known magnolias is the Magnolia grandiflora or common magnolia, discovered in the United States at the end of the 17th century. This is characterized by being a tree whose height can reach 35 meters, having pineapple-shaped fruits, scarlet seeds and large white flowers with a size close to 30 centimeters.

You can also mention the Magnolia Liliiflora or Magnolia lily, from China, which is a small shrub, no more than four meters high. Its flowers are characterized by resembling a lily, with shades between purple and pink, and it has an aroma similar to raspberry.

On the other hand, in ancient times, in China, magnolias were used to identify femininity and sweetness due to the delicacy and beauty of this plant.

In general terms, magnolias are used to beautify gardens and even to make bouquets or bridal bouquets; their beauty and aroma delight their admirers.

Magnolia characteristics

The general characteristics of magnolias are the following:

It is a robust tree with a straight, blackish-gray trunk. Magnolias are trees that grow slowly and with their branches take on a pyramidal shape. Magnolias evolved before the appearance of bees, therefore their flowers are pollinated by beetles. Magnolias, instead of having petals, have tepals. The magnolia tree can measure up to 30 meters in height. The magnolia family is quite old, dating back even 20 million years. The flowers of magnolias are large in size and are striking for their texture and colors, the most common are usually white. Their flowers usually have a pleasant aroma, which is why they are used as an ingredient in many perfumes. The magnolia fruit looks like a pineapple.

Uses of magnolia

Magnolias have various attributes that allow them to be used in various spaces for specific purposes. Below are the most common uses for magnolias.

The trunks of magnolias are strong so in some parts they are used for construction. Given the pleasant aroma that magnolias have, they are often used to make perfumes. They are used as decorative flowers in conjunction with other flowers and plants. Various medical benefits can be derived from the bark of the magnolia to treat heart disease, neurosis, among others.

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